World of Legendary Parties – Drawer I

Darlings, I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous 12 piece box from Charlotte Tilbury. I was planning on ordering her Naughty & Nice Magic Box but the Legendary Parties box was on sale for $100 for Black Friday and had virtually the same products so I went for that instead – I love a good deal. I have tried different products from her brand on the occasion but it’s not something that I treat myself to very often because her products are definitely expensive. That being said, I haven’t tried anything that I have been disappointed in –  her products are so luxurious and fantastic quality. I will be opening this box in between Blogmas posts – I hope you enjoy! PS, my big camera took a dump and I am so bummed – right when I have something that I am excited to take photos of 😦



First, the box that this is packed in is stunning, so much attention to detail – I love the artwork and it’s super sturdy, I need a beauty table to keep it on. The drawers aren’t numbered so I will just be opening top to bottom, left right! Each of the drawers have little hints as to what is inside, today’s is Share the Magic and we have a 15 ml. pot of Magic Cream. If you don’t know some of the history around Charlotte Tilbury’s line, it all started with The Magic Cream, it was one of her backstage secrets and she claims that it was why she was often booked. This cream makes a lot of claims, it is packed with all kinds of good stuff and I do like it but I cannot use it everyday as it is a bit heavy for me. It is gorgeous cream though, it instantly brightens, smooths and banishes dry patches – if I am not using it all over my face, I will pat it into my smile lines and around my mouth because it really does keep them smooth all day. Makeup layers on so beautifully over this, I can skip primer with this product because it makes the skin look so good. I like that it isn’t heavily fragranced, with some luxury creams, there tends to be a lot of fragrance but I love this. I think this is a great size to have in my bag for dry patches, the pot is an exact replica of the full-size and it is so stinking cute.



Even though I already know what this box includes, I am so excited to keep opening it! I hope that you enjoy these posts, I have a bit of haul from this brand that I will share in the coming weeks that I am excited about too!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

29 thoughts

    1. I couldn’t pass on the deal – I’m glad that I randomly got on the website for Black Friday! I’m glad you’re excited, I didn’t know how interesting it would be ☺

  1. AHH!!!! I’m so excited for you! I also cannot wait to see your haul. I’m on a no-buy, but really a low buy. I’m not buying anything that I don’t need in the beauty department. It was SO HARD not to order during the sale and I cried when I ripped up my $15 off of $50 coupon for Sephora as well. UGH! And now I hear Sephora is bringing in The Ordinary, so I’ll have to try to only buy my skincare products WITHOUT buying makeup. UGH. Sad times. 🙂

    1. I have been saving for this haul for months! It’s my Christmas/Bday gift to myself. I’m on a no-buy for the rest of the year 😂 Also tossed my Sephora coupon, hilarious! I can’t have the temptation around. I’ve also stopped watching gurus who are constantly unboxing new stuff, I’m too easily influenced. It’s going to be a tough month 😂

      1. Lol. Yup. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve been watching project panners. I have too much stuff to buy more stuff. I have to use what I have and spend infrequently on beauty stuff. I’m trying to only buy needs instead of wants. I fail at times, but I’m constantly using what I have. I am thinking about saving my bday and a little tax refund money for the end of the year so I can really save when I splurge. I’m thinking about just doing an ELF haul for my bday. I’ve been dying to try a few things from them.

      2. That’s where I’m at, I want to buy things that I need. I just have so much crap that’s already going to take me ages to get through. I’ve still not tried ELF, definitely curious though!!

      3. I want to try skincare and some makeup. I’m mostly curious about the new skincare line though. It’s cruelty free and inexpensive. How do you feel about Sephora picking up The Ordinary?

      4. Eh, I dunno. I buy from Beautylish, they do free 2 day for orders of $35 ir more and it actually arrives in 2 days. Even with Sephora’s ‘Flash Shipping’ it can take 4 days to arrive. I’m just not big on Sephora, if I can get a product somewhere else, I will. My VIB sale order was delayed for almost 2 weeks and I didn’t receive 2 if the items because they were apparently out of stock but conveniently in stock after the sale ended…not a fan 😂 Beautylish though is awesome!

  2. I wouldn’t be able to resist with those drawers and I would have opened them all up on day 1 to start playing with everything! 😛 What a deal you scored on this on Black Friday discounted. 🙂

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