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World of Legendary Parties – Drawer VIII

Today’s product is one that I don’t really understand, it is a 30 ml. bottle of the Take It All Off Eye-Makeup Removerthis to me is a product that seems superfluous. Being specifically for the eyes, one would expect that there would be a lot of skincare or anti-aging ingredients but this is nothing more than your ordinary oil cleanser. Also, one would think that a product that is meant specifically for use on the eyes wouldn’t burn them, not so – this stuff definitely irritated my eyes. I also found this messy to use, shake it – don’t shake, you are going to get an oily mess trying to get the product into a cotton pad. It removed my makeup but the area around my eyes was irritated and this product is fairly fragranced for my taste. I already double cleanse everyday and I use the same oil-based cleansers all over my face to remove the majority of my makeup and then follow up with whatever clarifying or treatment cleanser that I feel like using that day. I don’t feel that this product is terribly expensive at $32 for a little over 5 ounces but I will stick with my Palmer’s that is about 6 bucks for 8 ounces can be used all over the face and doesn’t cause irritation.

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  1. Sucks that this irritates your eyes – I got a sample of this somewhere but haven’t cracked it open yet. I don’t understand why products meant for the eyes are tested SUPER well for irritants!

    • Well, especially when she yaks on and on about how she takes products back to the lab until they are perfect. I mean, you couldn’t make an eye product that doesn’t burn eyes? What’s in it!?

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