Birthday Wishlist

I was purchasing cough syrup this weekend and we get ID’d in MN because the DEA apparently thinks that people looking to manufacture drugs will purchase their cough syrup one bottle at a time rather than just purchasing the crude ingredients or I dunno – cases of cough syrup. Honestly, who got that bill passed? Rep. Fitz Steele – you jackass. The cashier asked me for my birth-date and as it came out of my mouth (in slow-motion), I realized that my birthday is next week. I almost slapped my own mouth. I hate my birthday, it is right up there with Valentine’s Day and Easter – I am unsure of why I don’t like Easter but I have very strong, inexplicable feelings about it. Back to my birthday – I take issue with celebrating things that are only things because human beings say that they are. Like the value of money, time, land ownership, birthdays – they only exist because we say that they do. That’s a whole other blog post – even though I am not crazy about my birthday, I can still have a wishlist 😛 But also, after all of the unbridled avarice (name that movie) how can I possibly want more things?!

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation This might be amazing for my skin or it might be a total disaster but I am still curious. It claims to be medium-full coverage, lightweight, fade-resistant and longwear. It could be a total cake-face product but I have to try it.

Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme – I love this brand and am so excited that they released a moisturizer. Their face sprays and masks are very nice, I hope that this product is of the same quality. It claims to be good for dryness, redness and uneven texture plus it has rosewater which is an absolute favourite skincare ingredient of mine. I was also pleasantly surprised with the price point, their other products are a bit steep for what you get but $48 for 1.7 ounces is pretty reasonable.

Violet Voss Hashtag Pro Eyeshadow Palette – The completely asinine name aside, this palette looks stunning. I am a huge fan of Violet Voss, I own all of their 20 pan palettes and I use them constantly. What I like about this palette is that it includes so many purples in addition to all of the oranges and reds – I know that I would get a ton of wear out of this.

beautyblender Chill – If their marketing team thinks that they can just release a teal sponge, slap a snowflake sticker on it and sell that to me as some winter themed, half-assed, new release – they are absolutely correct.

Stella McCartney Stella & Stella Peony Rollerball Duo  – I know that I like both of these fragrances but I also know that they don’t last terribly long on me, I’d like to give the rollerballs a whirl.

Verb Hydrating Mask – This one probably seems really random but I started using their Ghost products when I cut my hair because I have super fine hair, it is thick but the shampoo/conditioner that I was using seemed to be weighing it down. The Ghost products have been amazing, they smell great, my hair feels great and I just want to try this hair mask.


Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – I know that this is a well-known, well-loved staple for many but I hadn’t used it until I received a mini a few weeks ago and I am hooked. I love peeling my face and this is so gentle but it immediately brightens my complexion. It’s definitely a simple product but it is amazing.


Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow Primer – I have a very expensive addiction, to Charlotte Tilbury. This is anti-aging, colour correcting, glow booster – yes, please.


Filmstar Bronze & Blush Glow Palette – I ordered the bronze and highlight palette and it is gorgeous, super easy to use and the bronzer actually works for me. This addition looks stunning.


Viseart Grand Pro Volume I  – I still have yet to try any Viseart shadows but they are supposed to be amazing. This is another palette that offers a lot of variety and can see myself using it in a number of ways.

Wayne Goss The Rose Gold Air-Brush – I have always wanted to own a Wayne Goss brush, this is really just a re-release of an existing brush in a different colour scheme but I think it looks lovely and his brushes are supposed to be amazing.

I think that’s it, I’d like a DQ cake too but that isn’t going to happen 😀 I would also just like to not have another birthday!

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