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Most Regrettable Products – 2017

To preface this, it was a great year for beauty and me – I tried so many new products and most of them were hits or at least usable. However, I do have a few items that I completely regret purchasing. These are just my opinions, if you disagree – keep doing you!

NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette – Let’s just start with a real heart-breaker. I was so excited to get my hands on this palette because I love the NARS eyeshadow formula – I have never had an issue with it. This palette is so lacking, it cannot be the same formula as their duo compacts. I put this palette in a haul post and mentioned that I hoped that their palettes would be the same quality – they aren’t. The shimmers are so dull, the mattes are powdery and regardless of what shades you use – you can only get about two looks from this palette. I also don’t feel that the amount of product justifies the price, the pans are the size of chiclets.


Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette – I regret this purchase because I didn’t need it and I never use it. I wasn’t going to purchase this and totally got sucked into the hype then snatched it off a display. It’s just a warm toned palette, is it nice? Sure, the shadows are fine but it’s nothing amazing. I would recommend if you don’t have a warm toned palette because UD does do some nice shadows but otherwise, you don’t need it.


Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops – I anti-hauled this and then bought it because I’m a jerk and it serves me right that I hate it. I don’t understand this product, it is so runny and kinda’ shimmery but the shimmer breaks up and honestly all it does is give me bald patches. I have tried mixing it with moisturizer, applying it and letting it absorb, mixing it with foundation – it doesn’t do anything. I thought that it would give me a nice moisture barrier but it literally just runs off my face.


Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer – Smashbox is the authority on primer, they do many amazing primers – this is not one of them. I used the entire tube and do think that I gave this a pretty good review but when I stopped using it, I noticed that my foundation was much easier to blend and my skin looked smoother. This primer just doesn’t mesh with my skin but I had to stop using to realize that it makes my skin look terrible. It also pills over some moisturizers, I just don’t like it.


Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen – Another heart-breaker, this was supposed to be unlike any other sunscreen formula. It claims to be a lightweight, clear water-gel formula that was made for people who don’t like wearing SPF. I am that person, SPF breaks me out, it feels greasy, it stinks, it doesn’t wear well under makeup. This sunscreen was goopy, it still stunk, it broke up my makeup, broke my skin out and I don’t like it.


Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer – I have liked and raved about almost all the Milani products that I have used but this one was bizarre. The shades were very yellow and the sponge-tip applicator was extremely hard. The formula was actually pretty great, it didn’t crease but the shade was so bad for me.


Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser – I didn’t like this because it didn’t do anything to remove my makeup, it dried out my eye area and wasn’t effective. I did use it up though, I used it mixed in with my brush soap to clean my sponges and that worked somehow – my sponges have never been cleaner.


Photo Focus Pressed Powder – Yet another very popular product that was just weird on me, very chalky, settled in pores and didn’t do much of anything to set my foundation.


Mon Guerlain – This disappointed me because I am such a fan of Guerlain fragrances and this was such a generic, fruity scent that I didn’t feel was representative of the brand. I used it all and it was a chore.


That’s honestly it – 2017 was a great year for trying new products and I definitely found more that I liked than disliked. Again, none of these images are mine and have been taken from the linked sites. Did we have anything in common? Any of these that you absolutely love, let me know!

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