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Most Watched YouTubers – 2017

I don’t have a ton of year-end post ideas, I have some product posts in the works and I was going to post my fave television shows but then I realized that they are mostly the same as last year’s 😀 I watched a ton of YouTube this year, like way too much – there is an incredible amount of content on there, most of it shit but I do have some faves that have stood the test of time!

pixiwoo – I love the pixiwoo sisters, so much talent and personality. I think that Sam is definitely my favourite, she is just a bit edgier and she does the longer videos with multiple looks. Even if it isn’t a look that I would wear, they have so much knowledge about technique that I always learn something. I only recently started using the Real Techniques brushes but I enjoy them so much, they are very affordable and great quality. Just great style, very classy, excellent content.

Jessica Braun – This is a new channel to me but I like her already. When I first started watching her, I thought that she would be the best school teacher and that is actually her day job! She is just relatable and adorable, her videos are informative and we like a lot of the same products!


RawBeautyKristi – She is a long-time favourite, her no nonsense approach to beauty is very refreshing and she’s a lot of fun to watch. Again, we have similar tastes in products and her recommendations are almost always solid.


makeupbyjaack – He is so talented, I wish that his channel would blow up because he deserves it. I love how engaged with his followers he is, he has a great sense of humor, super sassy and creative – I am always excited when I see that he has a new video up!


Fleur DeForce – I found her when I was binge watching advent calendar unboxings and she is stinking adorable. She does a little bit of beauty, a little bit of fashion – just a little bit of everything and she’s obviously stunning. She is due to have a baby like right now and it is weird that I am excited for her 😀


Kimberly Clark – Still a huge fan of hers but I did unsubscribe after her commentary about social justice warriors and self-care, I’m sorry but if that is your cross to bear then don’t complain about it. I still appreciate her anti-consumerism message, I do tune into her new videos and if you didn’t know, she is the queen of the anti-haul.


Jeremy Jahns – Another channel that I am not subscribed to which makes me feel a little bad but I try to be very choosy with what notifications I am getting from social media because it is distracting. I think he has reviewed every, single superhero movie in existence which makes sense as that is probably his primary fan-base but I’m not into those. That being said, he also does very engaging, informative, short reviews of a variety of genres. If I am interested in seeing something, I will check his channel for a review – I appreciate that he wastes his time on shitty movies so that I don’t have to. He did give my favourite Batman movie a really shitty review, I’m like – who goes to a superhero movie for the plot?! Everyone knew that George Clooney was going to be a terrible Batman, he’s terrible. That is my issue with these newer superhero movies, they are trying to be something more than what they are – completely fictional, mindless entertainment. I don’t care about the tortured soul that is Bruce Banner because he isn’t real – none of it’s real and I don’t need social commentary from Captain America. All that aside, I still enjoy his videos.


Wayne Goss – The authority on most everything beauty related, I like that his content is just straight to the business and it is still entertaining. He is very knowledgeable, I trust him when he says that something is really good. He is posting his Best of 2017 videos right now and I definitely recommend! Totally unrelated, I think it is an absolute travesty that Kylie Jenner compared her brushes to his – what an entitled, self-aggrandizing brat.


Those are my most-watched creators this year, I have really made an effort to part ways with the big gurus and started seeking out people who have day jobs, look like real people and are more relatable. I get that YouTube can certainly be someone’s job but some of the bigger channels are completely phony and unrelatable and have way too much influence on consumers. Who are you fave YouTubers, do we have any in common?

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