On the 10th Day of Blogmas – Christmas Decor Inspo!

How am I still putting up Christmas decorations? Oh, because I keep purchasing them and feel that I have to do something with them. I was recently at someone else’s home and it was so massive in comparison to my apartment, I kept thinking that I could put up so many more decorations if I also had a house which is ridiculous and goes completely against everything that I believe in when it comes to waste and preserving the environment and those huge houses actually really irritate me. And then I became really irritated with myself for thinking like such a wasteful, consumerist American and it put me off the entire evening. Note to self, don’t go over to other people’s home because you are very judgmental and opinionated and it will just piss you off. I dunno, I was feeling a bit down on myself, I got asked the dreaded How many kids do you have? Oh well, I got over it. Before I showcase my actual holiday decorations I thought I could share some of my decorating inspiration from Pinterest. Side note here, I signed up for this site back when you had to wait for an invitation and I feel that it has changed into so much advertising now and find it very annoying to use!

A couple of years ago, I got really into pastel Christmas decor which I feel was popularized in the late 50’s and early 60’s but don’t quote me on that. I wasn’t able to find a lot of pieces until the last couple of years, now there are loads of affordable, pastel options at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

I know that the pastel scheme is definitely a tad kitsch but love the look of it, I am so delighted that the trend has made a comeback. If you want real vintage stuff, I also purchased quite a few items from Etsy that are really lovely. When I first moved out on my own and purchased my very own decorations I bought way too many ornaments and this skinny little tree for my little apartment. I am really good at math but spacial reasoning is always beyond me for some reason. I am constantly looking for ways to use the extras in some fashion, I really like the idea of just chucking them into a dish and displaying them.

Like I mentioned, I have a skinny little tree and I like the look of ribbon on trees and would like to try this. I did purchase a few ribbons but haven’t been satisfied with how it looks so far but aiming for something like this:

I just cannot get the ribbon to sit where I want it, I guess it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical but it really looks pathetic at the moment 😀

Lastly, I added quite a few small trees around – they are an easy way to add a little festivity to a small space like a bathroom or spare room. Like I said, I don’t have tons of space 🙂

These free-standing trees have also been really easy to find this year in tons of different styles and colours! I think that I am just about done decorating, as I should be seeing as how I started before Thanksgiving 😛

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