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On the 11th Day of Blogmas – Five Bits of Wisdom for Last Minute Shoppers!

large_christmas-ornamentsWe are in the home stretch to Christmas, the days right up to Christmas are some of the busiest shopping days in the states and the frenzy is tangible. I prefer shopping all year long so that I don’t have the headache of going out when everyone else is out. That being said, I do prefer the slow-burn in the two weeks prior to Christmas instead of shopping days like Black Friday. I did go out this weekend and this post is dedicated to all of the people who should have just stayed home and shopped online who I had the misfortune of encountering 😛


Be Courteous – Whether it is to other shoppers or store associates, be polite and respectful. Don’t abuse the store associates, berating them will get you nowhere. I don’t understand why some shoppers feel that store associates are just their personal punching bag. Having a good customer service experience is a give and take relationship, it means that the associate has to provide a service to the best of their ability – it doesn’t mean that they have to stand there and take someone’s shit. med_christmas-lights-set

Hang Up Your Cellphone – Oh, what did we do when we left our homes and had no means of constant communication?! We lived our lives and everything was fine. If you must be on your phone, hang up before you get to cash-wrap – don’t be rude.

Stop Complaining – Yes, there will be lines and they could be quite long but standing in line yakking about the line isn’t going to make them move any faster. Also, no complaining about the crowds or traffic – it’s all part of experience.

Get Organized – I feel like I encountered so many people just wandering around this weekend. Have a game plan, take a look at sales and inventory before you hit the mall or wherever you are going. I really like to park and walk, then I am not dealing with traffic and packing up and blah, blah, blah. But however you get there, have a plan! med_ornament-set

If You Can’t Hack It, Stay Home – Just stay home. With all of the options of shopping online there is no reason that people need to be out acting like dicks. You can yak on your phone all day and shop online, there aren’t any lines and you can abuse your laptop all you want.

Those are my tips, which could all be summed up as: Just don’t be an asshole and have fun!

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  • don't give a jam

    lol love this. I’m still finishing up my shopping, I did most of it online! so much easier & less crowded 🙌🏻 & I love that you included being courteous! I see so many people this time of year being so rude & there’s just no reason for it.

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