On the 5th Day of Blogmas – Bath & Body Works Shopping

I had the battery in my car replaced yesterday, I drive an older car and January is supposed to be sub-zero and I didn’t want to take any chances. This battery is guaranteed to start in 20 below weather, if I don’t get to test this I am going to be pissed. Just my luck we will end up having a mild winter and I will have to drive up to Eureka.


I stopped in Bath & Body Works to pick up some new winter candles and their Aromatherapy products were all $4.95 for the day. I hadn’t ever used this line and I got really overwhelmed looking at all of the displays plus there were about 50 Minnesota hockey-moms who knew what they wanted and I gave up 😀 I managed to pick up a couple of items that I thought looked good. I think that they changed the packaging on this line because I know that I have seen it before and not been interested but I like the updated packaging. There are loads of scent combinations, I picked up two Vanilla & Patchouli body bars and 2 Sage & Mint body bars. I didn’t see a matching lotion for the Sage & Mint scent but they did have a Vanilla & Patchouli body creme that I snagged. The Vanilla & Patchouli scent is really lovely, it’s warm and subtle – these products are formulated with essential oils and may not be for everybody but so far I like them. I will use these up though before I test out any more of the line.



This is one of those for instances where I definitely purchased something just because it was on sale but so far have not been disappointed! Did you shop the sale, what do you use from this line?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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