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On the 6th Day of Blogmas – Christmas Sweater Wishlist

I got invited to a Christmas sweater party and I know that the hostess knows that the concept is completely lost on me, the idea is that you wear the most horrendous Christmas sweater that you can find. I honestly think that when I get invited to these types of things it is because my friends know that I am going to hate it. The problem is, I don’t own a single holiday sweater chic or ugly! I don’t like owning clothing that can only be worn for specific events – I mean, a prom dress, OK but a Christmas sweater…? The fact that I think that it’s a complete waste aside, I am still shopping for one 😛

I have reduced the amount of money that I give to Modcloth – up until about a year ago, 90% of my wardrobe was from them but I just don’t love them like I used to. Of course, they have some really adorable holiday sweaters that I could wear more than one time a year. I am a cat person so if something has cats on it, I am half-way committed, here are two cute cat picks:


I am also feeling these llamas and this cute little tree applique:


I cannot recall the last time that I have even been in a Macy’s but they do have a few cute holiday sweaters this year. They are 50% off too, 24.99 for a sweater is not bad at all. I especially like these little gingerbread men:


I thought that H&M would have some cute options but I only found this one which would be a great piece to wear all winter:


These two cuties are from Boohoo which I have never ordered from the before. Who doesn’t love a good pun:


If you want full-on tacky, kitsch then it’s Target for the win – this is actually a men’s sweatshirt but I would sport this:


Some of these are absolutely wearable to other holiday parties or to a work Christmas event. Has anyone ordered from Boohoo? Did you have a good experience, let me know!

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