On the 7th Day of Blogmas – Perfect Party Dress

Perfect is definitely a matter of opinion, pretty much anything drenched in sequins is going to make my list but I can understand how that wouldn’t suit everyone’s taste. I have two holiday parties to attend this season in addition to the sweater party. It already feels like too much, I usually only agree to a couple because I do not enjoy feeling frazzled and rushing about during the holiday season. Of course I am hitting Modcloth for a party dress because they do have some cute ones – here are some of my party picks:

I have to have a long-sleeve dress, I cannot deal with extra layers like cardigans or shrugs under a coat and I cannot do bare shoulders in winter. My first pick is this lovely velvet number, I like the length and velvet tends to be fairly warm. I don’t think that I would pair it with velvet shoes although, I do like the look of them here. How much velvet is too much velvet?

I love a dress with good structure, and the colour combination of this dress makes it subtly festive. I cannot tell if that is brocade on the bottom and the description doesn’t specify but this does appear to be fairly warm too.

Another one with really stunning structure, this fit & flare dress is gorgeous. I don’t how this would do sitting down though, I would probably crush it.

This floral dress has a similar silhouette and would probably be a lot more manageable.

A blouse and skirt combo is definitely not out of the question, either of these lovely, sequin skirts would do. I think the green is a tad more unique and definitely more festive though!

Or a pretty pleated skirt and blouse, I especially love these jewel tones.

I haven’t decided yet but I better hurry up – I do have some good pieces that I could wear but I do enjoy getting dressed up in something new.

Do you have any parties to attend, what are you wearing?

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