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On the 8th Day of Blogmas – Christmas Candles

A big part of Christmas memories for me is the scent of the holidays, my mother had this specific incense that she would burn on Christmas day and I have never been able to find a scent that was similar. I am not big into incense and can’t honestly say that I have tried very had to track the scent down but I do love holiday candles. A good holiday candle to me is spicy and warm; cedarwoord, bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood are a few that I seek out around the holidays. I recently picked out a few new 3-wicks, here is what I chose:


But First Champagne – This is a new scent to me, I was drawn to it because of the adorable graphic. The notes are bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine – it’s mostly just tangerine to me but it smells nice.


Vanilla Bean Noel – Vanilla home scents are probably my most purchased and I do like this candle but it isn’t the original scent. This is much sweeter than it used to be, it smells like vanilla cake.


Baby It’s Cold Outside – I already burned this a little before taking pics because it was just too nice to resist. It is a subtly woodsy smell, the notes are smoked cedar, clove buds and warm rich embers. It does smell a bit like a real fire, it’s very nice.


‘Tis the Season – This one is red apple, sweet cinnamon and cedarwood but mostly smells like cinnamon. The BF hates this one, he doesn’t like spicy scents which is annoying. I really like this one but only have it burning in the middle room.


Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Another one that I had not tried before but was drawn to the cute jar. This one is balsam, eucalyptus, fir branches and cedarwood – also very woodsy and warm.


Those are my winter candle picks, I am bummed that they didn’t have any of the frankincense or peppermint candles in-stores, I might have to order a couple online.

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