On the 9th Day of Blogmas – Scent of the Season

I mentioned a few posts back that I purchased a few¬†Charlotte Tilbury products for my treat yo’ self combined Christmas and birthday gifts. I don’t ask for gifts, I don’t want gifts, I can get my own gifts and so I do. I have not put my haul post together because I am still trying many of the products and have already been disappointed by some of the ones that I was most excited for! I am unsure if these products were just so hyped and my expectations were unreasonable but gotta’ say, this is the first year that i have disappointed myself ūüėÄ Anyway, right around Black Friday you would receive a free gift with purchase of her signature¬†Scent of a Dream fragrance. I placed an order on her official site and then also on¬†Beautylish for a few items that were out of stock and received two bottles of fragrance. Which, I was so excited about because I have been wanting to try this one for ages but I don’t love purchasing fragrances online. I have tricky body chemistry in that most fragrances turn to vomit in a few hours. I smell gorgeous scents on other people and just know that they won’t smell like that on me – I don’t know what it is. I was over the moon when I opened my packages because on top of the full-size bottles, I also received a teenie sample! I figured that I could use that up and if I hated it then I could gift-away the other bottles. This fragrance is described as a¬†floral chypre and has a lot of my favourite notes including; black pepper, jasmine, frankincense, violet and patchouli – all things that I love. Online, this fragrance has overwhelmingly great reviews on the official site and less than glowing reviews on¬†Beautylish so that was completely unhelpful.


I do not like the bottle at all, it is very decadent and luxe looking – it fits well with the brand but the design is more for displaying on a vanity rather than practicality. I got about 4 days use out of the teenie sample, hitting all of the pulse points and at first –¬†I hated it. It was very piney and way too crisp for my taste, the BF said it smelled like toilet cleanser so, not great depending on your tastes. As it dried down over the course of the day, I cannot say that I liked it more but it did warm up a little and the floral scents started to develop. This fragrance wore all day on me, there were several reviewers who said it wasn’t long lasting on them but I could smell this laying in bed 12 hours later. Which, wasn’t super great because it stunk. I wasn’t going to give up though so I tried it again and I have to say that this fragrance doesn’t smell the same way twice, it’s hard to believe but on me – it always smells a little different. After the first day of toilet water, it has started getting warmer quicker and the floral notes develop and last throughout the day. It goes on really strong so I put this on right after I shower and go about the rest of my morning, by the time I leave it’s dried down to be very lovely. I like it, I think it is a very unique scent, there isn’t anything generic or trendy about it and it’s so distinct. It definitely may not be for everyone, there are fragrances that I use because I know exactly how they are going to smell and wear, it does take some getting used to this one. I have really been enjoying this for the winter though, I don’t know how I will feel about it when the weather gets warmer but we shall see. I am still gifting-away one bottle because I have a friend who I think will love this¬†and I want to know how it wears on her.


I cannot honestly say for sure if I would recommend this or not, it really depends on how it is going to meld with your body chemistry. I think that this fragrance was actually formulated to do just that so everyone’s experience will be different. It’s definitely my scent of the season though and I’m enjoying it!


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