Blogmas - 2017

On the Last Day of Blogmas: Décor & MOTD

Yet another Christmas in the books, we did not get 6 inches of snow as predicted – my Christmas wish is that all weather people be fired. Does that job need to even exist? No. I will be packing up the décor today, but took a few snaps of the living room before I get to it. The living room was pretty traditional, the BF doesn’t like the pastels so those primarily go in the middle room and bathrooms. The tree is red and gold:

I picked up this wooden sign from Michael’s a couple of years ago, I am headed there tomorrow to check out their clearance and see if they have anything similar. If I have any seasonal traditions it is heading to the craft stores to clean up on holiday markdowns!

Funny story, notice that I didn’t include the top of the tree – we lost our star! I am sure it is in a box somewhere but I couldn’t find it this year, I made a curly top out of a wreath to make it look like a Dr. Seuss tree as cover, nobody picked up on that 😀 I have this puny tree with a few pastel baubles in the living room as well, the ceramic star is a Hobby Lobby pick up.


The cats’ stockings and their holiday haul 😛


These are my favourite of the free-standing trees that I found this year, they are gold wire with beads. I found them at Hobby Lobby and they came in three different sizes, just very dainty and festive. The globe used to light up but I purchased it a few years ago and the bulb went out but it’s still lovely.

And some of the pastels that I snuck in 😛


The mantle, I love these pathetic little trees in the burlap bags – they are just so cute.



Finally, the only picture that I managed to snap of my makeup for Christmas Eve. This was after a nap and I was legit headed to bed – I  actually just slept on the couch which is why my living room is a disaster 😀  I had a hair ribbon in, no idea where that even went. I used the Stila gold glitter over crème shadows so that it would stick really well, then just black eyeliner all around my waterline with black shadow packed over it to make it set.


I hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by <3



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