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The Body Shop – Festive Shea Picks

One would think that consumers would be all shopped out but I too was up and about early to take advantage of the after holiday sales. I scored big at Target on some vintage inspired ornament sets – then got home and realized that I am out of storage, I think that this is the year of downsizing. It is frigid out there, I hope that everyone caught in these winter storms is staying warm!


I received this lovely Shea Giftset from The Body Shop and I am super excited to use it. I have used different products from this brand before but mostly face stuff, I usually pass on the body butters because the tubs are enormous and I’d probably waste it. This set comes with mini sizes of the body butter, body scrub, bar soap, shower crème and pouf that I already took to the shower. I love shea products but find that they can sometimes be too sweet but this scent is subtle and warm with just a touch of sweet. I like it more than I was expecting to! I also love the presentation and gift-box, if I wasn’t downsizing then I would totally keep it 😛 This is a great opportunity to try out some products that I have been curious about and it’s just a lovely gift!




Everything looks so buttery and delicious! Thanks for stopping by <3


  • hoiyinli

    I too, haven’t tried much of The Body Shop’s body stuff…how ironic now that I think about it LOL. Well I lie – I tried a mini size of their body butter once, courtesy of a magazine freebie years ago. That was the only time though. Would be interesting to see how I feel about it now?

    p.s. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! 🙂

    • Stella

      I was just looking at their display yesterday and couldn’t pick anything! And their display in ULTA always looks like a disaster, I think this is part of the reason that I never pick anything – I will just have to wait for gifts 😀 Maybe check it out again!

      Thanks, you as well 🙂

      • hoiyinli

        Ahh maybe that’s what it is! I go to Body Shop as in step in-store if I’m in town but I almost always come out empty-handed! Also, I find that the SAs are never really around in my local one to sell anything. It’s mainly just a cashier or 2 and like 1 shop floor staff. Now that I recount, I don’t ever remember setting foot and being asked if I needed anything. 😮

  • Shake Them Beauty

    This seems so interesting. Too bad I can never use skincare stuff that has fragrances. I’d always want to try The Body Shop or Lush but my skin isn’t loving the fragrances they add.

    • Stella

      I cannot use very many products from Lush – when I do, I know that I am going to regret it because they are so heavily fragranced. The shea is very subtle so hopefully it doesn’t bother me but I am usually the same!

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