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Wednesday Reveal – December Glambag

I just finished wrapping gifts this weekend, I like to really draw it out and only wrap a couple at a time. So, I am minding my own business, listening to some Christmas carols on Pandora when The Gael comes on – if you don’t what that is, it was used as the theme for The Last of the Mohicans – bagpipes, drums, the whole nine. This film devastated me in my youth and I cannot listen to the soundtrack to this day without becoming completely distraught. I am that person who will hear a piece of music and just start bawling like an idiot, I heard My Maria by Brooks and Dunn (I don’t even like country) in the grocery store once and just started bawling in the canned goods because my mother loved that song. Cue The Gael, as soon as I heard that first ominous stanza I jumped up, blasted my glass of wine all over my sweats and the carpet, chucked the scissors for no reason, instead of grabbing my phone to shut it off I just slapped it onto the tile floor and thankfully, that stopped the music. Probably because I damaged it, I just cannot handle that song – it’s not even a Christmas carol, Pandora! Then, while scrubbing my carpet, I realized that I am one dramatic ass bitch and I need to chill out in 2018. Honestly, does this happen to anyone else? Daniel Day-Lewis, total fox though, right? Literally cannot watch him in any other film because of that one.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to post my subboxes this month because I didn’t want to throw off the feng shui of the Blogmas but the next couple of Wednesdays will just be two-fors so that I don’t get behind. This will be my year sub-versary with Ipsy and I don’t know if I am going to keep it or not. I have stacks of beauty bags that I will never use, I do love the little bags I just don’t need the little bags. I feel that Ipsy does a ton of no-name indies and a ton of tarte which make for very little variety, this somewhat defeats the purpose of a beauty box. Here is what came in my bag:


Purlisse Beauty Coconut + Rice and Green Tea + Ginger Treatment Sheet Masks – I do love getting sheet masks because I rarely purchase them on my own and typically enjoy them when I use them. This brand is so expensive, I don’t really know why but I had a clay mask from them recently that was very nice so I am excited to try these!

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eyeshadow Crayon in Fetch – Meh, this is one of those no-name indie brands that I was referring to. I have received at least two other products from this brand and they are nothing to rave about. I do like an eye crayon though so we shall see how this goes, it is a nudey shade that wouldn’t be hard to wear.

Son & Park Beauty Water – I think this is like a micellar water, I don’t have a lot of luck with those as they irritate my skin and tend to burn my eyes. I have never heard of this brand before either, I cannot say for sure if I will try this or if it will be a gift-away.

OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Ipsy Unzipped – I like it when they do collabs with brands to create products, it adds a nice touch. I don’t recall loving this formula but I’ll have to give it a whirl.

Luxie Beauty Precision Shader – I don’t know if I have used this brand before or not, it seems familiar. I think this would be a great tool for packing on shadows and pigments, it is soft and I like the matte, grey handle.


Overall, it was an OK bag and I will use most of the items. I was hoping for a gold bag, I’m just not drawn to silver but I do think that it fits with the Snow Globe them. What did you get in your bag?


Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Noha ♡

    Aaah I’m so jealous that you got the Ofra liquid lipstick! I wanted to get it so badly haha and it seems I’m the only one that didn’t! Loved reading this x

  • stashy

    I can imagine how many of the little cosmetic pouches people collect over time – no way a person needs all of them. The Luxie Beauty Precision Shader looks really good.

    • Stella

      I’ve honestly reused some for gifts, I’ll fill them like gift bags 😂 I have my daily makeup bag that I use, just not interested in swapping it frequently. At least they are better than the crappy Play bags! No idea what to do with those. I’ve used it once, pretty decent!!

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