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World of Legendary Parties – Drawer III

In Drawer III we have a 15 ml. tube of Wonder Glow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash which is a product that I have some experience with. My understanding of a flash balm is that it’s pretty much a primer with additional skincare benefits. Often times they will tout claims of immediate brightening, moisturizing and tightening in addition to prepping your skin for makeup. I have tried this one and one from Clarins that was also very nice. Wonder Glow is a shimmery fluid with a bit of a gold-tint, it can be worn under makeup, over makeup for a highlighted effect or all on its own. I love Wonderglow under my foundation or mixed with it, it adds a candlelit, lit from within dewiness to most foundations but it also helps makeup to stay looking fresh all day. I have not worn this product all on its own but when applied, it really does even my skin-tone while adding a flattering glowiness. This is a fantastic size sample and I will definitely be adding this into my winter base routine!



Even though I knew what I was getting from the product details of this box, I am continually impressed with how generous the sample sizes have been! It is fun to have samples of new products and some old favs that I haven’t replaced.

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