World of Legendary Parties – Drawer IV

Before we get to today’s goodie, I have a bit of a rant. I watched my first ever Instagram Live video, it was a makeup tutorial and the presenter told viewers to ask her some questions which there were some really good questions but most of it was pervs commenting, Hey Baby, You looks hot in that, Such a sexy woman, etc, etc, – I felt like I was reading a really poorly written adult film script! I wanted to know what actual questions people had. What is it about the anonymity of the internet that makes people feel like they can say anything they want? I cannot speak for other cultures but calling someone who isn’t your significant other or close friend; baby, sweetie, honey, hun’, darling, sexy – etc, is rude. Although, I think the South has a different take on this for the more G-rated ones. Anyway, I don’t feel that it is offensive necessarily, it is just distasteful and annoying. It’s a small thing really which is exactly why it just shouldn’t happen. Needless to say, I am never watching another one of those – I don’t understand how the presenters put up with that kind of trolling.


Today’s treat is a full-size Colour Chameleon in the shade Black Diamonds which I am kind of bummed about because I accidentally ordered this shade in my haul thinking that I had ordered the new Mink shade, oh well, I do really like this shade. This is basically a creme shadow in a stick, I really like creme shadows because they are quick and easy to apply. What makes these different is that they don’t slip around, I tend to get a lot of creasing with creme shadows but they stay put for at least 8 hours. That being said, you definitely need an oil-based makeup remover to remove all of the product. I don’t mind this since most of these pencils are jewel tones so I don’t want them smearing all over. For a black eyeshadow, I find this product very easy to work with – I lay down product on about half my lid, smudge in with my finger and buff the edges with a brush. Using your fingers will keep the product pliable for a little longer than just using a brush. These shadows have a surprising amount of dimension and shift to them, they look fantastic all on their own. I am a big fan of the Colour Chameleon shadows – the full-size retails at $27.


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