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World of Legendary Parties – Drawer VI

Can you believe that we are already half-way done with this box?! Sad face. That means that this month is just flying by which I guess should be expected with how quickly this year flew by. Today’s goodie is a 15 ml. tube of the Multi-Miracle Glow which claims to be a cleanser, mask and balm all in one. I had not used this before, I tried it as a part of my double cleanse and it reminded me of a lighter cold cream. I don’t really see myself using this as a balm for dry skin or a leave-on mask, I guess it would work well for that since it is so emollient but I would primarily use this as a face cleanser. Though it is light in comparison to cold cream, I think it would be too heavy for a mask, and wouldn’t feel refreshing or clarifying. This product is formulated with organic sea buckthorn, Vitamin A and rosehip oil along with a host of other skincare ingredients. It has a very rosy scent so if you aren’t a fan, I would steer clear of this one. Overall, I like it, I will use up this tube but cannot see myself purchasing a full-size.



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