World of Legendary Parties – IX

Today’s product is probably the only one that we have had so far that I will absolutely not be able to use, it is the Super Model Body Highlighter. As a rule, I never have my legs, arms, collarbones out and if I did, I certainly would not be highlighting them. I’ve always said that there are two types of redheads – you have your Ron Howards and your Michael Fassbenders, your Christina Hendricks and well, me – the female Ron Howard version. Some redheads have that signature glowy, milky skin and some are just pastey and pale and it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer or highlighter I use, I am just pale and pastey which is also why I don’t show a lot of skin. I hardly remember to even put on face highlight most days so a body highlight would probably be completely unmanageable. Reading through the ingredients though, I suppose this could be used as a body moisturizer as it does have aloe vera, collagen and various extracts to promote firmness. I am not cracking the tube so I cannot even say if it smells good, this will be a gift-away! This is pretty pricey for a body product, you get 2 ounces for $65 and the sample size is 50 ml.



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