Blogmas - 2017

World of Legendary Parties – X

I am so ready for a few days off for the holidays, I love my job – I really do but I also love being home when it’s freezing and icy outside. I have so many books that I need to read, to be a kid again with two weeks off for Christmas to read as many books as I wanted. Le sigh. Today’s treat is a pot of Eyes to Mesmerize in the shade Marie Antoinette which is described as oyster-gold but I would describe as a shimmery khaki because – have you seen an oyster lately? I enjoy creme eye-shadow, I have crepe-y eyelids and a creme shadow helps disguise this. This shadow is surprisingly mousse-y in texture, I have not worn it yet but I am curious to see if it creases. I own several brands of creme shadow and it tends to be the softer ones that want to crease. They are definitely easier to apply and work with but they don’t have lasting power. I am still excited to try this, the shade is totally  unique and glitzy. There appear to be 6 different shades in this range and these retail at a whopping $32 which is the most expensive creme shadow that I own except for my Tom Ford pots. It is gorgeous, I cannot wait to do a look with this!



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