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World of Legendary Parties – XII & A Recap

Eek! I am super bummed yet excited that we are here, it is Christmas Eve. Once the holidays are over, February through April is just a long slog to me and I hate summer so that’s it for the year 😛 Anyway, the last goodie in this box was actually a bit surprising – it is a Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Sweet Stiletto. It is a pink-y shade that I will wear but I would have swapped the full-size lippie from one of the first drawers and the gloss because that just seems like a better gift for Christmas Eve. Aesthetics aside, this is a lovely shade, it has a doe-foot applicator and the formula isn’t terribly goopy. The full-size retails at $22 which is standard for a high-end brand. I will definitely use this up!



Now that we have opened the entire box, I have some thoughts and swatches to share! Top to bottom: Marie Antoinette Creme Shadow, Black Diamonds Colour Chameleon, Jessica Red Pocket Pout, Sweet Stiletto Lip Lustre Gloss, Penelope Pink K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick.


This box retailed at $200 for 9 deluxe-size samples and 3 full-size products. I purchased it for $100 on sale and thought that was a great deal. Would I have purchased it for $200, now that I have seen the contents, yes, I do feel that it is still great value at the higher price point. Most of the product sizes are plenty generous, the presentation is stunning and overall it was great quality. It would be a lovely gift for any makeup lover and an opportunity to try a luxury brand. I also really like that she did a mix of skincare and makeup so you get to try quite a few of her signature products.



The standout products to me are the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, the Penelope lippie, Marie Antoinette Creme Shadow, and I was just super pleased to have a full-size Colour Chameleon. There are some items that I am not going to use but can easily give away to someone who will. I appreciate that the containers were mini-replicas of the full-sizes, they feel luxurious and decadent. I think that she should have included a Lip Cheat because that is one product that the brand is so well-known for! I had so much fun opening this box and I hoped that you enjoyed reading these posts!




I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday, thanks for stopping by <3

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