V-Day Decor Inspo

If I have to start showing my ID to purchase Tide Pods – I will fight some kids. If Robo-tripping and the new pod eating trend aren’t examples of the de-evolution of the human race, then I don’t know what it is. The dreaded V-Day is almost upon us, while I don’t celebrate the holiday and the BF is under the strictest direction that he doesn’t either, I think that the decorations get better every year! I only just got into decorating for V-Day in the last couple of years or so but it has quickly become a favourite. I think that I am going to DIY a few things this year in addition to the bits that I have purchased in past years. I want to go a little rustic this year, here is some inspo from my Pinterest boards!

Many of these are just paper/yarn crafts making them super easy and very affordable. I am still in a tree mood for some reason, I think that I am going to turn one of my little Christmas trees into a Valentine’s Day tree with some paper hearts and pink baubles.

If I don’t wind up in a ditch on my way home, I might just have to stop at Michaels – legit though, it is getting nasty out there! If you are in south/central Minnesota – be careful!

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