5 Thoughts On a Friday

I am kind of enjoying these more free-form, stream of consciousness posts – here are 5 things that have been on my mind.

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I have done a really good job at cutting dairy out of my diet but cheese and whole milk are my weaknesses. Whole milk has been easier to stop eating, I only use it in cereal and if I don’t treat myself to cereal then I don’t need it. Cheese though, I can literally eat cheese on anything and I do and too much of it.

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No shame. The narrator is really good which is part of their appeal and the characters are also a lot of fun. There are 12 books in the series and I am actually looking forward to where the series goes, just good fun!

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I was recently involved in a discussion on the relation of money and happiness. I grew up very poor, my parents had way too many kids and there was a lot of stress growing up. I’m not talking we couldn’t afford internet in our home or Air Jordans poor, we often wouldn’t have food at home – we ate at school, we didn’t go to the doctor unless it was an absolute emergency and really, we couldn’t have emergencies – we struggled all of the time. We knew that there were issues with basic bills being paid and now that I have my own household – yes, money buys me stability and that makes me happy. People who say otherwise, in my opinion, have not experienced poverty and have always probably been able to afford their basic necessities. But that’s just my perspective.

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It is 45 degrees outside which is an absolute travesty, all of the snow is melting! While on my lunch, I realized that summer will be upon us sooner than later and I really loathe summer.

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Unpopular opinion ahead, a male co-worker who I think is a wonderful person and has always behaved with the utmost propriety complimented my hair recently. He then followed up by saying that he would have said something sooner but thought it might not be OK. I felt bad for him, I think it is important to speak out about actual abuse but the #metoo movement has become something other than that. People are being tried and convicted in the court of social media and it’s not OK for the accused to speak up with their side of the story. If they are guilty of the abhorrent claims then who cares about their side of the story, right? What if you were accused of murder and you didn’t do it? When did we decide that it was acceptable to lump the innocent together with the guilty for the sake of a movement? By doing so, aren’t we detracting from the validity of the movement and the true victims, the ones who have been waiting to be heard? Everyone should have the opportunity to speak their truth – I just hope that the movement fulfills its intended purpose.

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  • hoiyinli

    High-five for loathing summer too! 😀

    I definitely think money can buy the BASIS of happiness and without that basis (shelter, food and security), it is near impossible to be happy. I’m sorry to hear your struggles when you were a kid but if anything, going through that type of experience definitely makes you a stronger person in the long run! I didn’t grow up in a privileged family either – my parents always had to work nights to pay the mortgage, bills and food so my siblings took care of me instead (I was practically the baby). The older I get, the more I appreciate my upbringing whereas when I was young, I felt a bit like the odd one out. Not hugely, but I did think of it.

    When you say your co-worker would’ve said something soon, what do you mean? About what?

    • Stella

      Haha! I’m not ready!!

      I definitely agree, money plays a role! Oh, no worries – I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything. It definitely taught me to appreciate the good times. Totally, it does make you stronger and more independent I feel too.

      He had decided not to say anything about my hair because he was worried it would be seen as inappropriate. It made me feel bad, now we can’t compliment one another? It really surprised me!

      • hoiyinli

        I thought that might’ve been what you meant but I wasn’t 100% sure! That’s so sad that he felt that way!! Complimenting someone and receiving compliments are amongst the nicest things in life but it’s sad to think relationships are not being built because of fear of how society would see it. It’s ironic really, we’re trying to ‘open up’ society but we’re also closing it. When did communication become alien?

        I am a bit on the fence about the movement. I think it’s absolutely great that many women (and men) have come forward to tell their stories but it’s hard to say where it is all going especially given that it’s a social media movement.

        • Stella

          It’s bizarre! Somehow by promoting openness and communication we’ve done the exact opposite. Absolutely, now something completely innocent is being villafied.

          Exactly, I get that it’s important to speak up but I also don’t think the issue should be reduced to a hashtag.

  • aleeyaazimulla

    Awesome post! Growing up with struggles definitely allows you to have a more open mind when you get older. Omg cheese is my weakness too! I’ve never cared for cheese until I met my husband..he’s got me hooked.

    • Stella

      Thank you 😘 Absolutely, it definitely changes your perspective but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Haha! It’s just so good and it goes with everything 😂

  • stashy

    I totally agree about money buying happiness. I grew up in an orphanage and the uncertainty of LIFE in general was a huge stressor that clouds over everything. Removing the concern of money alleviates a lot day to day worries, which frees up time to enjoy life. I’d say there is a limit though. Beyond having a means to live, money cannot make me feel happy.

    • Stella

      Agreed! I remember being happy at points during a kid but it was overshadowed with stress that as kids, we had no control over. There are loads of things that don’t cost a cent that make me happy and I can enjoy them fully now ☺ Thanks for sharing 💚

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