Anti-Haul Spring Collections Edition

I feel like I just stopped receiving emails about holiday sales and after-holiday sales and blah, blah, blah and now I am getting Spring collection emails! Side note, it feels Spring’ish here – we’re at a balmy 37 degrees and after the sub-zeros it feels amazing but also concerns me. It is supposed to rain tonight and then freeze over before it snows, it’s going to be so fantastic. I have to be honest, Spring collections never interest me because of the obligatory pastels and pinks – there are some unique collections coming out this season but here are all of the beauties that I am passing on:

Oh, Chanel, I am a Chanel perfume junkie and have only dabbled in their makeup line. Their releases tend to look lovely but not enough so for me to sink my cash on anything. Their Spring collection actually feels more like a Fall release and I feel that all of the bits would be dupable with products that I already own – there isn’t anything special about it. Also, a blue lip gloss?! Who is wearing a $30 blue lip gloss!

The UD x Kristen Leanne Collection is such a huge disappointment! I was hyped for this collection, Kristen Leanne is such a unique, free-spirit and when I saw this collection I didn’t get it. It looks too cutesy with the frosting and the hearts, it kinda’ reminds me of Lime Crime but more childish? I do like the single eyeshadow but the collection is otherwise a pass for me.

I have heard that TooFaced will be releasing some 20th Anniversary products, if they haven’t already, I feel like they just pumped out a slew of new items. I don’t know what the collection entails but in the meantime I am skipping on their 3rd peach palette. Yes, their third one. I mean, I think the packaging is stunning but WTF is a White Peach? It is a meh palette to me, pretty boring.


Givenchy has a new collection coming out, I tend to think that their collections are stunning but this one seems like a random hodge-podge of mostly hideous stuff. I mean, what is this eyeshadow compact…?

Finally, another heartbreaker, the Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Eyeshadow Pallete that I would never use and feel that this is yet another departure from what the brand is known for. What is with all of the classic, iconic brands releasing these on-trend, generic products? I am sure that the quality is amazing, I just don’t need it and wouldn’t use it.


There are plenty of new releases that I am excited for; NARS, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior have all teased some new items and I cannot wait for the launches! What are you eyeing this Spring?

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  • hoiyinli

    I cannot begin to think about Spring yet because it’s still cold where I am and I’m pretty sure the cold weather will hold up for another 2 months at least. Spring has gotten later in the year for me than before! But I agree – I hate the obligatory pastels too.

    That Chanel blue lip product is so…NOT CHANEL?? I don’t know what happened, like did they get influenced by Jeffree Star? lol

    • Stella

      I think we’re supposed to be back at 12 below by this weekend but it felt like Spring today 😂 I just don’t get pastel makeup, I never like it! Right?! I was shocked that they released a blue lip gloss – how tacky!!

  • hansenra875

    That Kristen Leanne palette – the more colorful one – swatches beautifully from what I’ve seen online but that layout is atrocious. Also I refuse to spend $30 on the new UD concealer for like a third of the product for Shape Tape and almost the same price.

    • Stella

      I don’t get it but I think their creative team is getting a little ‘too creative’ with these palettes. It just looks confusing! Right?! Urban Decay is getting a little cocky for a formerly scrappy, Indie brand! Those are are luxury brand prices.

  • sippingcoffeechasingpucks

    One of my goals this year is to try more make-up. Growing up with a mom who grew up with six brothers it is not something that I learned, but going into “the year she turns 40” I think that I’m ready to take the leap. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Always Cleia

    I’m not excited for the white peach palette either. I have the peachy matte palette and I love it, the white peach palette has too many similar orangey shades with other random purples thrown in that I would never wear!

  • ayrgalaxy

    i was disappointed with Kristen Leanne’s collection too, like I expected something better from her. somehow, to me, the collection doesn’t reflect her as well as it should.. and seriously?! third peach palette?!

    • Stella

      Me too! I don’t think it’s anything special or unique. The only item I coukd imagine her creating is the single shadow. Yea – they are really releasing another. I don’t get it!

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