Best Drugstore Foundation of 2018?

I need a click bait-y thumbnail with me pouring foundation all over my face and an asinine amount of heart emojis to go with this title. I know it’s only January and this foundation may actually have been available in late 2017 but it only just hit the shelves in my go-to drugstores. The Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation from Maybelline is so amazing that I would be stunned if something as good or better dropped at the drugstore this year. This product claims to be lightweight, provide full but seamless coverage, even out and enhance skin all while minimizing the appearance of flaws and imperfections. There are 16 shades, it retails for about $10 depending on where you purchase it from and it is equipped with a decent pump. To the formula!


Long-wear foundations and I don’t generally get along, they are usually too matte for my dry skin and so heavy that I cannot continually wear them without getting a breakout. I have been wearing this foundation everyday for a week and my skin looks great and doesn’t feel parched. This is a very comfortable formula, it goes on quick, it dries down fast, provides great coverage but I don’t feel or look cakey. The finish isn’t too matte but if you have dry skin I would definitely moisturize really well, skip baking and use a setting spray. I can skip powder all together with this foundation because it sets itself and I like how smooth and poreless my skin looks with just the foundation on. It isn’t streaky or patchy, you have to work quick to get the product dispersed evenly but it really is a dream to apply – I just use a face brush and buff in 2-3 pumps of product and I’m done! I have worn this foundation for 10 hours at the longest, I love how it just melds with my skin and doesn’t fade, doesn’t settle in lines or crumble with extended wear. I purchased the shades Fair Porcelain, Porcelain and Natural Ivory – they all looked the same in the store and I was referencing what I wear in the FitMe range which, I wouldn’t recommend because the shades are a bit different. For my winter complexion, Fair Porcelain is perfect – I will be mixing the Porcelain and Natural Ivory shades come summer when I get a little ruddier. Did I mention that this foundation has zero scent?! I was pleasantly surprised, any scented foundation will make my eyes water so this was a bonus!


I recommend, for an affordable, long wear foundation – it’s fantastic!

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  • hoiyinli

    I actually watched a video yesterday regarding this foundation and they said a similar thing! Apparently this is not new new, they used to have a Superstay but they later discontinued it or something?
    I have never tried a Maybelline foundation before (I know!!) so will look out for this soon. 🙂

    • Stella

      Interesting, I didn’t know that there was another SuperStay! I use a couple of their foundations and really like them but this one is definitely the front-runner. I hope you do, definitely recommend!

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