Fave Rom-Com Leading Gents

We all knew this was coming, right?  I am just in a V-day mood, we busted out the decor this weekend and even though we don’t actually celebrate the holiday I re-watched all of my favourite movies. Admittedly, this list is a bit shorter but it seems that men don’t often reprise these types of roles like the ladies do but here they are!

Tom Hanks – He is a legit American treasure, only someone so pure and kind could make you bawl your eyes out when a 13 year old boy and middle-aged woman’s relationship comes to a bitter end. I mean, the whole premise of that relationship in Big was so creepy but he somehow made you believe in love.

Colin Firth – He is just an all around amazing actor but I especially enjoy his stodgy, underdog love interest roles. Was there a better Mr. Darcy, I ask you.


John Cusack – Say Anything is hands down one of my favourite films but Cusack lends a bit of bad boy lovability to all of his roles.

My honorable mentions are Richard Gere and Hugh Grant. I lost a little love for Gere after I watched Unfaithful for the first time and Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley, the cad. Who remembers this gem:


That’s the whole round up of movie hunks – thanks for stopping by <3


  • hoiyinli

    Is that actually Hugh Grant’s mugshot?! 😂
    Your choices are very traditional. I never really got the appeal of Richard Gere and Hugh Grant if I’m perfectly honest, although I adore Pretty Woman and Love Actually.

    Hm, I have never heard of Big before but might see if I can find it to watch.

    • Stella

      Yea – it totally is 😀 The internet has immortalized it – haha! I am torn on both of them, in some movies they are great and then in other movies I cannot stand them. I think that my fave Gere roles are when he is with Julia Roberts – they have great chemistry.

      Yes! Big is good, kind of a weird plot but really cute 🙂

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