Fave Rom-Com Leading Ladies

Feel free to punch me straight in the face for using Rom-Com, blame it on a pretentious former co-worker of mine who turned me onto this asinine abbreviation for something equally asinine – the romantic comedy. Not being a particularly warm and fuzzy person, I watch my fair share of these sappy, wildly unrealistic, light on plot romps and I tend to enjoy them – I cannot explain it. I mean, they generally make you feel like your own love life is inadequate and that few people find their fairy tale ending but all of that aside, I still watch ’em. Part of the reason that I subject myself to this torture is that I adore these leading ladies!

Molly Ringwald – All hail the queen, from a nerdy 16 year-old who snags the hunky high school quarter back to a scene queen from the wrong side of the tracks – nobody does it better. All of her characters were believable and relatable, you couldn’t help but root for her. She was just so quintessentially 80’s, I would love to see her in something new!

Meg Ryan – Who doesn’t love Meg though?! She is so adorable, so chic, so sassy. In all of her roles she is genuinely funny, smart and totally irresistible.

Drew Barrymore – A total fox but she does the quirky ingenue so well and her performances are always smart and witty.

Julia Roberts – Does this one need an explanation?

Renee Zellweger – This is an honorable mention as I don’t know what other romantic comedies she starred in aside from Bridget Jones but those movies are a lot of fun!


Who are your favourite leading ladies? Thanks for stopping by <3


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