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First Impressions – Paula’s Choice

I read a headline this morning, Do You Text & Drive – It Could Cost You. I have a correction to this, it should have read; Do You Text & Drive – You’re An Asshole & You Could Kill Someone But Since You Won’t Stop, Someone Had to Waste Their Time Instituting New Laws Because Again, You’re An Asshole. Why is that so hard? Who are we afraid of offending? If someone is doing something wrong, just say it – as a society, we are way too concerned with not offending people even when they are doing something wrong. People who text and drive deserve to be offended, they are offensive.

I have a brief update on the Paula’s Choice body care products that I mentioned earlier in the week because I already have some thoughts on them. I have tried various face treatments from Paula’s Choice but these are the first body products that I am trying. I ordered the Clear Back and Body Spray and the Resist Weightless Body Treatment – both are leave on exfoliators that are formulated with salicylic acid. I have used similar products from Murad before to combat breakout issues that I experience from working out. I decided to give this brand a whirl since they are so much more affordable and the ingredients are almost identical. Both products claim to promote healthy skin while keeping it clear and smooth, salicylic acid generally works for my skin but there is also a glycolic moisturizer that I am curious about. Here are my first impressions of the products!


To start, both products stink – they have a very pungent odor that I find unpleasant and it doesn’t dissipate once dry. It’s like a hospital but with a hint of mildew, it’s unpleasant. Both products are quick-absorbing so I don’t have to worry about getting the product on my clothes and then going to waste. The spray bottle sprays upside down which is great since then I don’t need someone to help me, there are things that one doesn’t want help with – applying bacne product is one of those things. The lotion is the perfect consistency for mixing with my regular daytime moisturizer, salicylic acid can be very drying so I add another product and it goes much quicker if I can achieve an even application all in one go. I cannot tell if they are as effective as Murad, I have had new spots since using them which is frustrating since I hadn’t seen a new spot in months when using Murad. I know that this could be a response to using new products and I will stick it out to see if my skin gets back on track. Both products are a great value and I have had luck using other treatments from the brand so I hope that these turn out to be keepers – only time will tell!

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