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Lemon Tuesday RegularFor most Americans, it doesn’t really mean anything and maybe that’s part of the problem. Active military might not get paid but don’t worry, Congress will. Completely asinine.

Lemon Tuesday RegularIt’s not Fifty Shades of Grey, proud to say that I have yet to read that trash but I am reading a really mindless paperback and I don’t feel bad about it.

Lemon Tuesday RegularNothing to do with my tawdry novel 😛 I purchased some underwear recently, the receipt said panties and I realized that this word gives me the creeps. I really don’t have a reason, I mean, the word itself makes sense – they are little pants, I guess but what a weird word.

Lemon Tuesday RegularWell, not on a Monday at least! Monday traffic is bad enough already, 6-8 inches of snow will just make it worse. Aren’t human beings the worst kind of narcissists? I don’t want it to snow even though it’s winter and we need snow because I have to get to work, blasphemous.

Lemon Tuesday RegularSince literally ever.


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