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It Starts with You.

Things that piss me off – the Doomsday Clock, a group of egomaniacs with a god complex (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) casting predictions on when the world will end. What I find ironic and hysterical is that the clock was moved ahead due to the impending threat of nuclear warfare. What is even more ironic is that the clock is a result of the first atomic bombs being used in modern warfare in WWII. So back up, scientists invented nuclear weapons – the actual means that they are warning will end our existence, they feel the need to warn us of impending doom and want us to do something about it?! Here’s a thought, maybe when that technology was discovered it should have just been kept to themselves! Who thought that was a good idea, This could end the existence of mankind – let’s share it with everyone, we can trust the world leaders to not fuck it up. Honestly, for such smart people they sure are stupid. It gets more hysterical, nuclear bombs are still being made – just stop making them, is it that hard? I mean, is it really? I’ve been pissed off about the Doomsday Clock since 10th grade Political Science, so irritating.


Anyway, my Glossier order arrived and I decided to give their new perfume, You a try. I had been putting it off due to the cost, which I think is a touch high for the brand and I thought the bottle was tacky. I actually like it a lot more now that it’s arrived, it is a glass bottle with good weight and a pink gradient frost – it’s actually quite lovely. I could take or leave the rubber foam and plastic sleeve component that it comes encased in, it doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic.


This fragrance is one that is supposed to work with each person’s body chemistry to create a uniquely You scent. It is described as; creamy, sparkling, clean and warm which I definitely agree with! When I first sprayed it there was a distinct alcohol scent and I thought I was going to smell like cheap body splash all day but the dry down is glorious. It’s hard to describe but it doesn’t smell like I am even wearing perfume, it’s just like an enhanced version of my natural scent. The notes are fairly simple; ambrette, ambrox, musk, lilac root and pink pepper – they work together to create a warm, woodsy, easy to wear fragrance. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last all day on me, it is supposed to be a long-wearing fragrance but I think it fades on after 4-5 hours or so. I would love to have this in a rollerball.


I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a unique scent that makes a statement while also being subtle and easy to wear! It is feminine, modern and not generic in the slightest! I still think that the price is a bit steep for the brand but it’s really lovely.


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  • hoiyinli

    The Glossier perfume doesn’t really attract me but idk, they seem to be doing well. It’s funny how they manage to get away with their aesthetic of….nothing but something?? I don’t know how else to describe it!

    Definitely didn’t know that about the doomsday clock but yes, whoever invented nuclear weapons and thought it was a good idea to release them…stupid. The older I get, the more I realise how being kind and having compassion is rarer than being smart. By being smart, you can be so unbelievably stupid (not every smart
    person but y’know). 🙄

    Off topic but I was actually reading up on Scientology last night just to grasp what it is and ugh.

    • Stella

      Their aesthetic is literally nothing 😂 I don’t know how they are doing so well when so many brands are releasing products with increasingly decadent packaging? Maybe it’s a minimalist thing…

      Exactly! What a terrible idea, like thanks a lot geniuses. Agreed, few people care enough to simply be kind. I think kindness has also become synonymous with weakness and isn’t viewed as an attribute anymore.

      Scientology is bizarre! It always surprises me when you hear that someone is a Scientologist, like, why?!

      • hoiyinli

        I never sat down to properly think about it but it really must be nothing. 😂

        The only reason I even looked up Scientology is because I recently found out Tom Cruise is really into it (apparently it’s a well-known thing but I don’t really follow showbiz so there you go) and I didn’t know what it was. It’s more than bizarre…it’s nuts!

        • Stella

          He’s a perfect example! Whenever I see him in a movie, all I can think about is how he’s a Scientologist 😂 It’s a cult, I don’t know how they get away with it and several famous people belong to it. Creepy.

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