Itching for a New Tattoo!

I have lived in Minnesota now for 12 years, I had no intention of staying after I graduated but ended up getting a great job and just did. One thing that I will never get used to is the way that Minnesotans give directions, It’s on the southwest corner of where the Ace Hardware that was torn down in 1972 was located which is kitty corner to what used to be Dayton’s. Oh, but you weren’t here when Dayton’s existed. I don’t know where that is, nobody knows where that is. Just give me the cross streets or literally any currently existing landmark. I think it’s passive aggressive, no matter how long you live here – if you weren’t born here, you aren’t a Minnesotan and they’ll take the time to remind you of that. Mostly by giving you completely asinine directions and probably hoping that you get lost along the way. Thanks, I’ll Google it.

I think that I am getting a tattoo for my birthday and I am going to go real cliche and get something with my zodiac which is weird since I am not super into that stuff but it is fitting. I have been looking through Pinterest for some inspiration and here is what I am liking so far:

I hate the idea of walking into a shop and just showing them something that I printed off the internet so I might do a mash-up of a bigger one and add small details. I can draw enough to get it done. I am a little hesitant to get a full-on goat because my mother (who was a religious zealot) was convinced that the literal, modern day interpretation of Mark of the Beast was actually referring to all tattoos. Don’t ask me how she came to that conclusion but she was convinced this was the case. I am a little hesitant because goats do have roots to being a form of Satan and if my mom was right, I’d be screwed. Odd that I am not even religious and yet these superstitions still plague me. Also, aside from the horns, these look like kelpies which were thought to be demons – I better just skip the astrological aspect all together 😀 Are tattoos sacrilegious? Give me your thoughts…

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • fashionhaus101

    In many cultures and religions, tattoos are actually a rite of passage and a symbol of the religion of culture. I wouldn’t say tattoos are therefore a bad thing, since body are is considered a celebratory act in many parts of the world.

    Get whatever you want. It’s your body and you get to choose what happens to it, even with something as “simple” as a tattoo 😊.

  • starringpamela

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I’ve never decided what I want! As one of my previous roommates told me, if you don’t like it later you can always get it removed! 😂 She was a hoot.

  • ayrgalaxy

    I really want one too but I’m not too sure what I want. I want something that reflects my personality and being, but also something that I really really like and will NEVER ever regret getting which can be hard lol.

    • Stella

      It’s tough to pick, especially with the internet – I always feel like I’m copying someone else. I like the artist to add some flare to create something totally unique. Meh, I feel like my tattoos are always a reflection of who I was/am so I haven’t regretted any yet but I know people who do and cover-ups are spendy!! Choose wisely ☺

      • ayrgalaxy

        I don’t have any tattoos so perhaps that’s why I’m having such a hard time with choosing lol. But true, copying someone else is always a big deal and not something I’d want to happen to me lol.

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