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My Life in Books Tag!

I know that I have mentioned that I read a ton, I’ll read anything once – I found this tag on the Dreamland Book Blog and since I have been wanting to expand my content, thought that I would go for it. t’s a short, fun tag – enjoy!

Pink Gladiolus one

SSummer Sisters, Judy Blume

J – I don’t have a J book, how about one of my favourite authors – J.R.R. Tolkien 🙂

E – Endless Night, Agatha Christie

Pink Gladiolus one

Casino Royale, Ian Fleming – I love the Bond books, he is so much more dashing and suave in print. I feel that the movies really played up the sleazy, womanizing character flaw. Vesper Lynd is one of my favourite Bond girls, also the most tragic *le sigh*


Pink Gladiolus one

Sherlock Holmes & the Red Demon, Larry Millett – Yup, Sherlock Holmes and Watson follow an arsonist all the way to the Midwest. I don’t think they came to Minneapolis, this book is set farther north but I am counting it!


Pink Gladiolus one

Outlander, Diana Gabaldon – duh. Not just for the kilts though, I want to see some Highland cattle. Tell me that’s not the cutest freaking thing you have ever seen.

Pink Gladiolus one

Ashes to Dust, Yrsa Sigurdardottir – Can my favourite colour be galaxy, can I be that pretentious? Seriously though, I am always drawn to books that look like the night sky or constellations.


Pink Gladiolus one

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott – I used to read this on Christmas break every year, it’s just a good  coming of age story. I still have the same copy from middle school, I haven’t read it in a long time though!


Pink Gladiolus one

American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis – I still have tremendous disdain for this book. I almost threw it in the trash when I was done with it – I donate almost all of my books when I am done with them as I don’t often read something twice but I just wanted to toss this one. I am sure that it is well written but what a disgusting character.


Pink Gladiolus one

I don’t have a To Be Read pile, when I purchase a book I do so with the intention of reading it pretty immediately. If I haven’t read something that I purchased, then I get rid of it.

That’s the tag, I wasn’t tagged to do this one – I just wanted to talk about books! Thanks for stopping by <3


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