NOTD – Cool Grey & Snow Day Thoughts

This should be titled, Nail of the Next Three Weeks & It Best Not Chip! My nail salon is going to be closed for two weeks for renovations and I am so excited for them. The walls are this Pepto-Bismol pink that I always thought was rather grating, I would hate to work there – I hope that their new surroundings are more tranquil for them 🙂 It is interesting how paint colours and layouts can impact one’s state of mind at work. The office across the hall from me has red accents, I find them very distracting. It is so snowy here which is better than the melted, dead landscape that we were looking at yesterday so I’ll take it and will just like it better when I am not driving! Anyway, I went with grey because I always feel a little grey after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over. I think that the next major holiday is V-Day. I hate Valentine’s Day because it just feels so tacky, I think it would be cool to have a Valentine’s Day birthday though – think of the infinite decor possibilities. Speaking of which, perhaps I will ask if I can decorate the office for the dreaded V-day but then doesn’t that set an expectation of decorating for other holidays as well? Outside of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – what else is there that justifies decorating? This was a lot more fun when I had a classroom, kids have no concept of time so you can have decor up for an entire month for even the sub-par holidays and they don’t care. Adults though, apparently there is an expectation of taste and decorum. We didn’t get a snow day but it feels like one aside from the fact that I went to work. I think there is an expectation in Minnesota that we set the standard for snow emergency preparedness – we don’t but we’d like to think so. Also, I wish that one had to get a special license in order to drive a truck, they drive much too haphazardly in bad weather and you see them in the ditch as much as anyone else. Mini-vans too, not just anyone should be trusted with that amount of horsepower and tonnage. I walked outside this morning and realized that I have not seen the stars in years, like an actual full sky of stars. I really hate living in a metro area, the light pollution, the noise, the smell, the people, the traffic, the blacktop. A client came to Minnesota when I was at my old job and was overwhelmed at how green it was, it made me sad to think of how over-developed her home must be if she thought this was green. Every once in awhile I look for jobs in Bozeman, I always wanted to live there and yet, here I am. Granted, it is still a metro area but I bet you don’t have to drive far to see the stars. Do you get distracted during weather events? I obviously do 😛


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