Puttin’ on the Ritz – Conscious Fashion Picks

I have been on a journey to eliminate more Fast Fashion from my wardrobe. I still have quite a few basics that aren’t but as far as work-clothing, I am opting for better made, more conscious pieces that I can wear for years. I realized though that lots of the pieces look very similar, loads of neutrals since they can be paired with anything and many similar cuts. Then it got me thinking about the whole #rewear movement and why, as a female, I feel pressure to dress well and not look like I am wearing the same outfit all of the time. But then, maybe men feel this way too but I just never notice what they are wearing, in fact – I don’t really notice what anyone is wearing so that probably means that nobody is noticing what I am wearing. Maybe it is the fact that there are a variety of options for women to wear; slacks, skirts, dresses, leggings, etc and men pretty much just have pants so there is an expectation to utilize these options? I don’t really know but I kinda’ want to wear the same outfit everyday and see what happens. This was OK for Obama and his blue suit, clearly I am not running a country here but when was the last time you heard a high-profile woman state that she had no time to waste on clothing choices and would be wearing the same thing? Literally, never, at least I haven’t. I would be more than content to wear all black, everyday and not think twice about it. The innate need for variety just feels so hardwired into me though that I know I couldn’t actually do this. I am probably making something out of nothing and most everyone is walking around not caring what anyone is wearing. Is there a bias when it comes to expectations of how men and women dress? In the meantime, here are some conscious fashion pieces that I am eyeing:


Fair Trade Winds Rosalie Dress, Raindrops 


Fair Trade Winds Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee


Groceries Apparel Cheyeen Vee


Groceries Apparel Lisa Turtleneck Dress


Reformation Davy Top


Everlane The Slouchy Cashmere Boatneck

Stay conscious, thanks for stopping by <3


  • Kasie D

    I’m on the same journey currently! I used to opt for the fast fashion because it was cheap and I would think “oh I’m saving so much money”, but when you think about how quickly you have to replace those items, its really not worth it in the long run. I much prefer spending a little more money a piece I love that can be worn for many seasons to come.

    • Stella

      Agreed! It pays off in the long run and paying a little more ensures that I really like the piece and will wear it. Thanks for reading 💚

  • hoiyinli

    I really like these picks! They are fairly simple but will go with everything and I can tell that they look better quality than your average fast-fashion piece.

    I haven’t jumped on the conscious bandwagon just yet, but I have tamed my shopping a lot in the past few years, only buying pieces that I would genuinely wear again and again and again.

    • Stella

      Yes! That is what I like about them too, fairly plain but you can tell that they are well-made. I definitely think that items like this hang better when worn.

      It takes some getting used to but I think that it will get easier as more brands emerge since this is becoming so trendy! I am still such a sucker for Old Navy – I wish they would jump on the bandwagon!

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