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Sunday Funday!

I went to the grocery store this morning bright and early to get some Snowmageddon supplies and I forgot that today was the last game prior to the Superbowl and the store was packed. There is not a unit of measurement small enough to quantify how much of a shit I don’t give about most professional sports. I will watch hockey but outside of that, I just don’t care. I can’t care, it’s physically impossible. Anyway, we’re having a Sunday in, I am making this pork roast and it smells amazing. I ordered some new furniture coverings, one of the cats is terrible about clawing so I have to get new covers every so often. I decided on a magenta for the chairs this time around to match the coffee table that I painted but they don’t quite match. I am keeping them anyway since they will only last a couple of months. It’s not like they are right next to each other, I am sure that it isn’t as noticeable as I think it is.



Dreaming of tearing up the new chair covers.

I have been keeping an eye out for this RealTechniques complexion brush for ages and it finally arrived in stores. It has different densities and lengths of bristles so that you can mix foundation with moisturizers or serums. It seems silly but I had a brush like this from BareMinerals that I loved until it shed into nothing. I am excited to try this, this brand has become a fast-fave!


I’ve decided to try some body products from Paula’s Choice, I like quite a few of their products and have been using something similar from Murad but these are half the cost. I hope that they are as effective, the ingredients and quantities are comparable. The Resist Weightless Body Lotion stinks a little but not terribly.


That’s it for my Sunday Funday, now some laundry while we wait for snow! What are you up to?

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