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Super Luminous with L’Oreal

I found myself in an absurd situation this morning, I was checking out with some sweatpants and the cashier asked me if they were for me and when I said yes, she said that they weren’t my size. Which, they weren’t – I buy sweats like 3 sizes bigger than my pant size because if I am wearing them I am probably sitting at home, watching Unsolved Mysteries and not giving a fuck and I don’t want them to fit. I explained this to her, sans the profanity and she still wasn’t convinced that I wanted those sweatpants, that I was really going to go home and wear them. She suggested that I try them on, who tries on a $6 pair of sweats?! Honestly, thanks for taking an interest in my leisure wear  but I am never going to go through a cashier line again, I am using the robots even if they go against everything I believe in.


I added this Glotion from L’Oreal to my Best of December list and thought I would share a little more about them since I have been using them quite often this last month. These claim to be hydrating but I don’t find them to be hydrating enough to use as a moisturizer and I use them as a makeup base. They are super luminous and under foundation they impart a dewy, lit from within glow. This product also does a nice job of smoothing my fine lines and blurring imperfections, I would potentially wear them all on their own but they are a tad too luminous for that. They come in 4 shades, I have the two lightest and one is a bit too bronzy for me at the moment but I will use it in the summer. I think these are lovely, they do a fantastic job of perking up my complexion and they work with every foundation that I have tried them with. I definitely recommend if your skin is looking a little dull from the effects of winter!


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