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January 3rd was my 5 Year Blog Anniversary, I must have started this on my 25th birthday? Now, after a decent first year, I stopped blogging for at least two years and honestly only count this as my 3 Year Anniversary ๐Ÿ˜€ I am kinda’ at a point where I want to do more with my blog than what I am currently doing and have a few things in mind. I can’t say that these will happen this year or anything but definitely what I am working towards!

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I really like the Premium subscription for WordPress, nothing against it – very easy to use, there are a handful of themes that suit my needs well and I l enjoy using it. I guess I just want my site to be totally unique, I start researching hosting sites only to read horror-story reviews and I hit the brakes. I would hate to lose all of my photos, even the super shitty ones from my first blog posts – I don’t back up my shit, it’s in the Cloud which I don’t know what that means but I put a lot of faith in the Cloud. I have Dreamweaver but I don’t have the time or patience to start totally from scratch. Anyway, if you have any recommendations on a hosting service – let me know!

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Back when I changed the name of my blog, I did it with the intention of adding new topics in mind and I never did that! I love makeup but I also feel that the Beauty Blogger/Guru community is a little saturated – I love home dรฉcor, cooking, fashion, books and movies – but I rarely post about these other topics. A big reason is that these posts don’t do well and I don’t want to post content that others won’t enjoy. Anyway, I definitely want to keep working on this and start planning some new content!

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It’s no secret, I loathe Social Media, it is the downfall of society. I have an Instagram for this blog and kinda’ have a Twitter, I refuse to get back on the toxic cesspool that is Facebook. I am just an old fogey when it comes to this stuff and I don’t get it. The whole algorithm thing, I mean, that was the end of net-neutrality prior to it actually being repealed just on a tad smaller plain. The whole follow to unfollow thing, the ratios – I just could give a shit and would rather put the time and effort into my blog. That being said, I definitely can understand how these platforms generate blog traffic and if I go self-hosted, I am going to need all of the help that I can get.

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This is a long, long, long shot – I have never even qualified for a VoxBox but it would be cool. This goes back to the whole over-saturation thing too, you really need to be doing something unique to get noticed and I’m just not there. Also, this would mean putting contact info back up on my blog and when I did this prior, I was contacted by some unique individuals (weirdoes, I mean weirdoes) and I don’t know if I want to do that again just yet.

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I don’t have a trendy face, if you don’t know what I mean – just take a scroll through a list of the most influential beauty gurus and get back to me. I wear more classic makeup, I am not over here doing cut creases or winged eyeliner because that is not my taste. This means that I rarely post MOTD’s – I’d like to really master some classic techniques and post more about the makeup I wear everyday.

I don’t necessarily have any goals around followers, likes or views – of course I want blog growth but don’t have a real good idea of where I want my stats to be. I appreciate every follow (except spammers, please stop) and like – I definitely want to up my views as I feel that I don’t reach a large portion of my readers!

I don’t have a timeframe around when I want this to happen, just some things to look forward to!

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • starringpamela

    I canโ€™t wait to read your new content! I consider going self hosted every few months but then ultimately donโ€™t haha. I like not having to worry about that stuff too much!

    • Stella

      Haha! Same, I just gotta’ do it or stop talking about it ๐Ÿ˜„ It’s really the design aspect that interests me but I worry about something not working then not knowing what to do. Oh well. Yes, definitely planning on some new stuff. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • hoiyinli

    I was same as you last year about the self-hosting thing. I think for now, I am happy with the platform and look of my blog but who knows if I will change my mind again haha. I read horror stories too and that’s what put me off. Also, I get a large portion of my views from WordPress reader but once you’re self hosted, you are either completely off reader or you are still on it if you’re lucky. Just something to consider!

    Congratulations on the anniversary. Enjoy it. I am expanding on my topics too because I have found my writing rhythm and have a base audience to talk to now, that seem to enjoy my non-beauty posts too. I think this is the trick – if your audience like you as a person, they will invest in your posts regardless. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stella

      That is my worry too, I follow quite a few self-hosted blogs and sometimes their new posts will show up in my reader and other times not. Usually, I will have to go and see if they have posted recently and see that I have missed several posts! I like the WordPress platform too, I have never had any issues with it. We’ll see!

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that you are probably right!

  • stashy

    Wow, 5 years in blogging – that’s like a LIFETIME ago! Congrats!
    I honestly don’t see the appeal of going self hosted. At all. I considered it for a nano second and stuck to the WP plan. *Shrug* I like the WP community…
    Social media algorithm is a pain in the ass – I want chronogical order, not “we’ll show you what we think you want to see” UGH.
    Good luck with all of your blog goals! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stella

      Right?! I was like – what was I doing 5 years ago that I thought I should start a blog ๐Ÿ˜€ It seems like such a hassle and I just don’t really understand the benefit to be honest. I think that whenever I see really gorgeous sites, they tend to be self-hosted but WordPress is sufficient for what I do. It is annoying, I get confused when I see posts from 5 days ago pop up in my feed – I don’t care anymore! Thank you, guess we’ll see what happens <3

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