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The Gift of Goddess Skin

Just a short beauty post on this sunny day, the metro is blanketed in snow and while it certainly snarled travel plans – it is pretty to look at. Today I am sharing another item that I picked up with my Charlotte Tilbury order – this lovely, little travel trio that included three of her bestselling skincare items. For $59 you can try the Magic Cream, Goddess Skin Clay Mask and Wonder Glow – all of the items are tucked into a burgundy suitcase-esque carton with the brand’s signature rose gold embellishments. This would make a fabulous gift for just about anyone or in my case, an opportunity to have a few products on hand that I might not use all of the time but enjoy enough to use up. I have really been enjoying the Magic Cream since the weather has taken such a bitter turn but already know it is too heavy for me to wear all year round. I am addicted to the luxurious Goddess Skin Clay Mask but know that I am probably not ever going to purchase the full-sized so it is nice to have a smaller, affordable size on hand for special occasions. Lastly, you cannot go wrong with Wonder Glow – I have been using this under my foundation for a little glow but it can be worn all on its own as well. You get .5 ounces of each product which is good for a handful of uses and definitely provides a feel for the brand – this is still available on their site and I think it’s a great value! I am a fan of kits, they are good opportunities to try new products without purchasing a full-size of something that one might not like. The presentation is stunning as well as creative, I have yet to be disappointed by this brand!




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