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Top 5 Posts of 2017

I have been experiencing the worst eczema flare up that I have had in years, it’s all over my chest and neck – it is driving me bananas. I wear a lot of scoop necks and v-necks but I’ve been wearing turtlenecks and crew necks since this flare up and today I decided that I was going to wear whatever I wanted and not worry about it. Part of the reason was because of the rubbing, it irritates my skin more to have clothing constantly rubbing it all day and I just didn’t want to deal with it. The other reason was that I feel that I just need to get over it and who cares what other people think it is. I realized today that I am a vain, vain person. I was worried about it all day, should have just sucked it up and dealt with the chaffing.

I have been trying to plan some new content and decided to take a look back at my top 5 posts from 2017. I have seen a few other bloggers do this and I think it’s a fun look back, I wish that WordPress would have an archive option so that I could archive posts but not delete them. Do they have this? Am I just missing something? I don’t think that I would delete old posts but I’d like a place to put them. I was a bit surprised at what my top 5 were, but here they are!

Fall Fashion Inspo. – This was my top post of not only 2017 but all time which I feel was really random since I don’t talk about fashion all that often. It had 168 views and it still randomly receives likes, I really just made image collages from my Pinterest boards. I had a lot of fun doing this post, I like how the colours came to together.

fall fashion.

Back to School With Kate Spade – Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? Also, another surprising post because it was just about office supplies 😀 Weird story about this post, I received like a 6 paragraph comment that somehow made it out of spam and it was terrifying. There were quotes from the Bible that the writer had somehow determined were about how evil the public school system is, lots of stuff about repenting. There was a lot of typing in all caps, it was really bizarre. Anyway…

sephorabrush set

First Impression Friday – Subculture Palette – I think that this post really just capitalized off the drama that was surrounding this product for so long. I still use it, it is not that bad but I did decide to skip the ABH holiday palette because it just seemed too similar at first glance. My one recommendation for this palette – use an actual primer not concealer to prep your eyes! I had wildly different results doing this and I enjoy this palette.

drink bourbon (1)

Best of January – Best Of posts tend to do well, which isn’t surprising as these are definitely some of my favourite posts to read. Hilarious, I listed the NYX Lip Lingerie as a fave for the month – perfect example of how my preferences have changed. Also, I was wearing that shit in the middle of January? My lips were probably a dry, crusty mess. My photos in this one were less than fantastic but still something that I wouldn’t delete, it’s like a progress chart.


900 Followers & Ramblings – This was just a thank you post for all of my followers, I like doing these kinds of posts – they are just fun.


Those are my top posts of the year, only two were specifically makeup related which has given me more encouragement to really start talking about new topics! It’s interesting that most of these posts have nothing in common, the BF claims that it’s the tags that I am using – I looked, it isn’t the tags. I hope that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and as always, thanks for stopping by <3


  • The Beauty Stage

    ooh i have eczema too! barely got it these past couple of months! i make sure to keep it moisturized throughout the day and it actually really helps

  • hoiyinli

    I feel you about the eczema!! 😭😩 It’s so annoying especially when it flares up at a new spot. Honestly have to keep with moisturising! Have you perhaps tried aloe vera gel?

    Ha, I remember your Subculture palette post. I think that’s when I met you properly and said how Youtubers were exaggerating how bad it was. Will have to check your other posts!

    • Stella

      It’s so irritating, I’ve never had it this bad 😔 I haven’t but I have some aloe-vera gel, I’ll give it a try!

      I think you’re right 😄 People really were blowing that whole thing out of proportion, still cracks me up. Thank you 😘

  • indulgeinlife

    Ugh, I have eczema as well! It runs in my family – try aquaphor! Or, in my case, my flare ups were so bad I got something from my doctor! but, aquaphor has always treated me great 👍🏻 have a great day! keep blogging 🍦

    • Stella

      It’s a pain! I haven’t tried Aquaphor, I’ll keep an eye out for it though – my regular go-tos just aren’t working. Thanks 😘

      • indulgeinlife

        It should work much much better at soothing the itchiness and all the other symptoms! My whole family and extended family all had HORRIBLE eczema. I sware on Aquaphor ✨ give it a try!

  • Selena Hannah

    My brother used to get it so bad behind his ears. They used to bleed…..not the best way to get a girl’s attention.

    Do you mind if I copy this idea? I’ve never heard of doing this before and now, I really want to see what my top posts are and share them! Ill give you inspo credit of course. You have inspired me oh, and your vintage rubbed off on me. I have the most gorgeous vintage hand mirror now.

    • Stella

      Awww, I used to itch mine patches until they bled when I was a kid too. Luckily, I’ve grown out of that 😅

      Go for it, it’s interesting to look back at posts to see what did well! Haha – I love that, vintage pieces tend to be the best 😄

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