You’re Just Some Products That I Used to Love

Do you remember that song? That terrible, melancholy song that everyone and their brother was singing for months. It made you feel terrible, you weren’t sure why – do artists set out to make people cry? The only other more gut-wrenching song that comes to mind is that Goodbye My Lover song, talk about a day ruiner. Anyway, one of my fave YouTubers recently posted a video about her least favourite products and was called out in the comments by a subscriber who remembered that one of the products had been included in another video and given a good review like 3 years ago. I just have some advice for this person, step away from the internet. Go outside. Preferences change, every time that I do a declutter, I find products that I cannot believe that I used to love and I though I’d share a few today!

Urban Decay De-Slick and All-Nighter Setting Sprays – These were some of the first setting sprays that I used, they are hugely popular but I don’t like the way that my makeup looks when I use them. These sprays cause my foundation to crack, it doesn’t crease but it’s like all of the moisture gets sucked right off my face. They are uncomfortable and  now that most brands have setting sprays out there, I have found others that work much better for me.


Wet ‘n w Wild Photo Focus Foundation – Just about everyone went wild for this foundation, myself included but I don’t find myself reaching for it as much as I did when I first purchased it. The shade is perfect, the coverage is great but there’s just something about the way that it sets on my skin that I don’t like. It doesn’t meld with my skin or something, it looks like I am wearing a ton more foundation than I am even though I only needed 2-3 drops to do my whole face.


NYX Liquid Lingerie – This is another one of those products that hasn’t stood the test of time only because there have been so many great liquid lippies flood the market, I used to really enjoy these lippies but after trying ones that are so much more comfortable, I never wear these.


TheBalm Cindy and Mary Lou – Two products that I have listed as favourites before but now I find them lacking. I think that this formula is a tad dry and crumbly in comparison to many of the highlighters out there. I still use these, I take a spoolie and scrape the product up then use a powder brush – it works but I wouldn’t repurchase these.


Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional – This primer just doesn’t get along with my skin any longer, it definitely clogs my pores and makes my face incredibly dry. Nothing against the product, it does erase pores and smooths the skin, it doesn’t agree with me.


I wouldn’t say that any of these are bad products, they no longer suit my needs. I also think that as more companies release variations of the same products that they are only going to keep getting better and some old faves are going to be shelved. With so many new products being released, it’s inevitable that we are going to discover new must-haves and it isn’t deceptive or dishonest- it’s human nature!

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  • Nova

    Such a good post idea! I really enjoyed reading this! I also really don’t like the UD setting sprays, and I went through bottles of those before I realized that!

    • Stella

      Thank you – It’s interesting to look at products that used to be faves. Same here, I just kept repurchasing it and didn’t notice how much I didn’t like it until I tried something else!

  • D Albert

    I also think that the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer is not great. It makes my pores even worse afterwards. Anyways nice post Girl!❤️

  • Courtney

    The title of this made me giggle- I love it! Thanks for the post. Made me think about the products I use to love… Dior Airflash foundation, Bareminerals brightening concealer and too faced better than sex mascara… I need to head to Sephora! lol.

  • hoiyinli

    It’s so true that preferences change. Our skin/skin type can change within a few years or in between seasons – it is quite amazing. Also, I think as we are trying more products, we are gaining more experience which I think is fundamentally what alters your perception of the initial product you liked.

    I cannot think of a product at the moment that makes me feel this way but will update if I do.

    • Stella

      Exactly! I was really surprised to read some of the critical comments about her changing her mind on products. There are so many options out there, we have the luxury of being picky!

      I hope you do 😄

  • ayrgalaxy

    interesting that the majority were products that everyone was obsessed over, i have the UD setting spray (the black one) that I won in a giveaway, I have yet to try it because I’m trying to use up another one I bought before I received it. Also, the WnW foundation is one of my favorites, and I don’t really have a ton of foundations to begin with (3 at the most) so I still reach for it pretty often. and the lingerie lippie, I bought one but the shade was WAY to light that it washes me out so I don’t use it, I resorted to using it if I need to lighten a lipstick or something lol.

    • Stella

      I probably purchased them on recommendation but they just didn’t do it for me. Many of these are also from when I just started getting into makeup and I have just found better. I dunno, the NYX lippies all tend to be pretty chalky – I probably owned more than a dozen and they all have a weird cast to them. These are the last two that I have! I can see how they would work great for lightening other products. I wish I liked that foundation, the shade was truly perfect and it is so affordable but it makes my skin look so strange. Oh well…

  • lifewithmrst

    I love this idea, there are so many products that work for years but as your skin changes you find them hard to use. I have just had the exact experience with the Nyx Micro brow, I stopped using it for a while and then went back to it and it is so hard to use.

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