Flirty Finds Ft. Modcloth

Do you ever watch too many documentaries about exorcisms and then become convinced that 1) You could be possessed or 2) Will be in the very near future, because – same. Demonic possession, not that common – right? Wrong – well, probably not but apparently they are on the rise and you can go to school to become an exorcist. I went to a religious school, how come that wasn’t offered as part of the curriculum?! Can you make a career of that? Or is it like a part time gig? What do you do for a living? I’m an exorcist.

More on exorcisms later, I have been admiring all of the cute, quirky V-day pieces on Modcloth and though hearts are pretty holiday specific – I’d like to have most of these in my wardrobe 😛

The only draw back of purchasing seasonal items or items on sale from Modcloth is that all sales are final and I have had issues with quality on ocassion. Most of this is on sale though too so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if some repairs were in order. Online shopping, it’s a gift and a curse 😀

Thanks for stopping by ❤

4 thoughts

  1. I agree that Modcloth can occasionally be hit or miss, but the things that I have ordered from there, I’ve had since my freshman year of high school! The vintage appeal can be pretty enticing sometimes 😉

    1. The items that have been good have been really good and I’ve also had them for a few years. But when they suck they really suck 😀 I agree, love the vintage!

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