On a Tuesday

I had another post planned for today but the weather is so overcast that I don’t have pictures for it and so we are switching gears!

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Why is it when something bad happens, everyone wants change and we’re so passionate and we vow that things will be different this time but the further removed we are from the event – the less it matters? We are past the point of being able to learn from our mistakes, there have been enough mistakes and too little learning.

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Honestly, luxury bunkers?! It is stuff like this that makes me hope that human beings are really just the machination of highly-intelligent extraterrestrials and everyone’s existence is equally futile. Please probe Bill Gates first.

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Eek! Perhaps the first and last time that I will ever make that statement, winter really is my favourite season but Minnesotans just can’t handle it. There were 388 crashes yesterday due to inclement weather, people, we just had a huge snowstorm. Get your shit together. I don’t mind the cold but I cannot deal with driving in any more snow and it’s supposed to snow off and on all week. Mer, mer.

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I mentioned that I had my haircut just yesterday and have had a great experience with the salon so far. Yesterday though, the stylist that has been cutting my hair and whom I booked the cut with wasn’t there. It just seemed odd, the stylist who did my hair was great and she did a nice job but I guess I just assumed that the same person would always cut my hair? I also found it odd that nothing was said in way of explanation as to why my usual stylist simply wasn’t there. Would this bother anyone else?

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I listen to a ton of audiobooks and my favourite narrator passed away! It isn’t like I knew her or anything but I will miss her, she was very talented and added so much personality to the characters. Even if the stories that she narrated were a little on the lame side, she made it better.

That’s it, I hope that you are having a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by ❤

8 thoughts

  1. No buddy but my Charlie cuts my hair. Don’t touch me. Lol. I wanted to go blonde and when I showed up, my stylist had left for lunch and somebody wanted to do my hair. I’m like you touch it, I cut you. He came back 10 minutes later with takeout for me too. Lol If I don’t know you, you cannot touch my hair.

    1. Haha! I didn’t care when my hair was long, I’ve never had a really bad haircut. Now that it’s short though, there’s no room for error! Plus, it’s more fun if you know the person – I hate small talk 😔

  2. I’ve never had a stylist though I wish I did lol. It’s kinda weird having to explain what you want every single time to a new person. It’d be nice if you had someone who just “knew” your hair.
    And 388 crashes?! Holy fuck! Our winter gets bad over here too but not that extreme with over 300 crashes. People get stranded in the hills with 3 inches of snow because it turns to ice overnight.

    1. Eh – my stylist that I had for years just wasn’t impressing me anymore and he kept getting more expensive. I do kinda’ miss going to him though because he did know my hair. Yea. exactly – I’m not picky but having to explain how my hair is usually cut is annoying.

      Yup – that’s how Minnesotans do it. We had 3 more inches overnight and there were 137 crashes in let than 12 hours. I don’t get why people can’t handle it.

  3. My hair is fussy too so it’d be nice to have a specialist lmao.

    Right?! I can drive fine in snow, but some people get to confident and drive faster than they should or are not paying attention.

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