Desk Decor Inspo

I am about done with Instagram, I unfollowed tons of celebrity accounts and gurus when the algorithm changed since I was rarely seeing new posts from people that I actually know and some of the posts showing up in my feed from these big accounts were 3-5 days old. This worked for a bit and I was seeing content that I was truly interested in but now my feed is cluttered with recommended accounts – just stop, what about the accounts that I actually follow!? The whole thing feels very dystopian.

We had new desks installed at work and clearly that means that I need new desk decor, I mean, probably not but I have so much more room to clutter up now. I am actually the queen of no-clutter, people comment on how barren my desk is constantly, it’s by design people. And yes, I am judging your untidy work-space. It’s interesting that my work space is completely different than my home office, at work I have a neon motif but at home, I like everything to be neutral. I don’t know what this means, anyway, here are the bits I am considering adding to my work space!

Orange Desk Mat –  I could just accept the standard issue mats that we get already but there’s no fun in that! Also, these are more of a rubber material and might last longer than the plastic ones that we have.

Cranberry Keyboard – Currently, my keyboard is orange but talk about too much orange if I go with these rubber mats.

Dino Phone Holder – Seems random but I no longer have a little ledge to charge my phone on – mew, mew. How freaking cute is this little dino?

Weird Plant Lamp – I also no longer have a task light on the new desk but needed a lamp anyway.

Orange Floor Mat – Again, could go standard issue but I need coordination in my work-space.

Day Calendar – I honestly just have not gotten around to purchasing a 2018 calendar and this is cute, it has a minimalist feel to it and I can reuse it since it doesn’t have a year on it.

Orange Poppin – I love Poppin desk accessories, I have orange and green ones now so these will fit in perfectly.

All of these images are courtesy of Amazon so shop ’em there!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

8 thoughts

  1. I heard that Instagram had gone through some more changes…when I took a break from my blog, that also meant Instagram. Instagram is just so frustrating… I’m not sure how or if I want to give it another go…

    Anyways, for office decor, I love that cranberry keyboard and that weird plant lamp! I think it would look great on your desk!

    1. I’m about done too, it’s become a chore to keep it updated. I am not really into growing my numbers but I cannot imagine that many people even see my content anymore if I am not even seeing their’s!

      I love the colours, I cannot wait to have a little makeover 🙂

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