30 Questions No One Asks

I was called Sir at the grocery store today, the cashier looks me dead in the face and says, Are you ready to check out, sir? I was gripped by hysterical laughter, I was in fact ready to check out but I had to pretend like I wasn’t so that I could go to the baby food aisle and collect myself. I didn’t want to make the cashier feel bad and she obviously had no intention of retracting the statement, hilarious. Last time I leave the house without at least some lipstick on πŸ˜€

I saw this tag on Root Report and I think that I have noticed it floating around in the last month or so on other blogs as well. I wasn’t tagged but I didn’t have a post planned for today and it looked like fun!

Behind Brown Eyes*

I actually have been asked this a number of times, the answer is no – my mother was just really eccentric.

Like a full-on cry? Probably on my birthday a little over a month ago, good cry though. I received a really touching card and it always amazes me that people can be so unexpectedly genuine.

Behind Brown Eyes*

I have been asked this a fair number of times too, do I look like the motherly type?! The last time that I was asked, it was actually phrased – How many kids do you have? I sarcastically asked them if there was a social obligation for me to have kids based on my age or marital status? No, the answer is no.

Behind Brown Eyes*

Probably…? I can definitely understand how it would be difficult to get to know me but I think I’m a good friend.

Behind Brown Eyes*Only when absolutely necessary…

Behind Brown Eyes*

Their teeth because I am so self-conscious about mine and I just appreciate nice teeth.

Behind Brown Eyes*Green, not to be confused with hazel – I didn’t know there was a difference until I had a mole in my eye removed and my optometrist told me this. Who knew that you could develop a mole in your eye? Not me, protect those peepers, people!

Behind Brown Eyes*Scary!

Behind Brown Eyes*

Tobacco, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, cedar and patchouli.

Behind Brown Eyes*

Probably Africa, 7,113 miles.

Behind Brown Eyes*Not a single one.

Behind Brown Eyes*Greeley, CO

Behind Brown Eyes*Reading, snowboarding, baking – I am a pretty boring individual.

Behind Brown Eyes*Two cats and a hamster.

Behind Brown Eyes*Yup, 6.

Behind Brown Eyes*

An exorcist, can I please just be a freaking exorcist already?!

Behind Brown Eyes*My first year college roommate.

Behind Brown Eyes*5 feet, 4 inches.

Behind Brown Eyes*My sister scratched me in the eye in my senior year, I had a severe hematoma and had to wear an eyepatch for like 6 weeks. It was actually terrible but kinda’ funny too.

Behind Brown Eyes*

7 so far!

Behind Brown Eyes*English Literature!

Behind Brown Eyes*Mint iced-tea.

Behind Brown Eyes*Temperance, Prudence, Hazel, Iris…loads of terrible names πŸ˜€

Behind Brown Eyes*Only volleyball and softball as part of organized teams.

Behind Brown Eyes*Pixiwoo, rawbeautykristi, makeupbyjaack…to name a few.

Behind Brown Eyes*Two.

Behind Brown Eyes*Probably this one year that we got totally snowed in over Christmas break, it snowed for 3 straight days with blizzard conditions and I read loads of books, played Nintendo – it was bliss. A cougar wandered up onto our deck, we think it was lost in the storm and I always wondered what happened to it.

Behind Brown Eyes*Plain and functional.

Behind Brown Eyes*LG – I don’t get why this is a question though…

Behind Brown Eyes*I chain chew, gum that is. I chew a disgusting amount of gum, I can’t be without it.

I have to say that I have been asked a number of these questions at least once in my lifetime but it was still a fun tag. I tag anyone who wants to do this one and be sure to let me know so that I can read your responses!

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