A Little Haircut & A Haul

I had a hair appointment today, I got a deep-conditioning treatment and my hairdresser massaged my head. I don’t like massages, they stress me out but this was actually pretty enjoyable and my scalp feels amazing – I might request it again some time. So, seeing as how I was in ULTA, I had a look around and was tempted by a few things. I did actually need more shampoo and hair prep spray πŸ˜›

I picked up a bottle of the eva-nyc Clean it Up Shampoo and Mane Magic Primer – I know that I have talked about the primer in a post before and I do really like this stuff. I’m not fussy about hair care, I generally purchase whatever is on sale and this brand was on BOGO. I have used the shampoo before as well, it smells lovely and is very moisturizing.


Now for a bunch of crap I didn’t need – isn’t that always the way? I kept looking at these Real Techniques brushes and decided that they were too juvenile with the glitter handles and two-toned pink/purple bristles but I knew I had to have them when I saw them in person. I picked up the powder, foundation and shadow brush from the limited edition Brush Crush line. They are so soft, I am using them tomorrow and will report back – I am curious to see how they wash. Look at those glitter handles though…



I don’t often go all the way to back of the store when I am in ULTA, I don’t shop the really expensive skincare brands which are back near the salon. Well, while getting my hair done, I saw that they had a new K-Beauty section back there! There was a good selection of brands but I don’t know why they didn’t put them up next to the other small selection of K-Beauty items. Clearly, I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I picked up two packages of masks from Leaders – I am familiar with this brand and they make a nice mask. Definitely more than I would normally pay for sheet masks but still looking forward to using them. I also picked up a face cream that I have been wondering about, it is from SkinRX Labs, the reason that I have been wanting to try it is that the main ingredient is fermented ceramide. Ceramide is great for repairing damaged skin and it’s very hydrating. I have used a similar cream from Dr. Jart+ but I find it quite heavy, this cream is very lightweight and more emollient.


Good thing I have been staying out of ULTA aside from when I am getting my hair done πŸ˜›

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