Anti-Haul #11

I find it a tad bit disconcerting that Americans seem to be coming out in support of North Korea and it’s fascist dictators because they are anti-Trump. It’s a dangerous argument, the very people who call Trump a fascist (which he isn’t, read a book) are applauding the behaviour of actual fascists. Where does that end? If Hitler was anti-Trump, are we pro-Hitler now? Didn’t think so. It’s fascinating how fickle the minds of people with too much freedom and so little understanding of real suffering can be, and scary. United by hatred, seems like a weak alliance to me. Anyway, along with Kim John Un – I have seen quite a few makeup releases that I am anti-hauling. Per usual, if you are over the moon about these releases – keep doing you 🙂

Sugarpill Cosmetics Little Twin Stars Collection – I was excited for the release of their Valentine’s Day collection but turned out to be tremendously disappointed! I never got into many Sanrio characters and I guess it wasn’t what I was expecting. Overall, the concept is really well-developed and definitely sticks to the theme but I wouldn’t wear any of the colours. Super cute, just not my style.


Natasha Denona Diamon & Blush Palette – I like the compact but the shades don’t appeal to me in the slightest. I think that I would end up using one or two but the others would go to waste. Like that yellow shade, what would one use that for? I honestly feel that her products are out of my skill-set and probably more for pros.

Eyeshadow X 29: Lo-Fi Jeremy Scott Palette – Cool idea, love the retro throwback and all of the detail that clearly went into it but WTF is this layout?! There is so much wasted space, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. I am unable to even get beyond the strange layout to take in the actual shades. Very cool idea, questionable execution.

BECCA Liptuitive Glow Lip Gloss – Gloss is back in a big way and I am totally on board but I have never been a fan of colour-changing makeup. There seems to be something so adolescent about it, I can see the fun but perhaps I have gotten too old to appreciate these products.


TooFaced Life’s a Festival Collection – TooFaced, please stop.

tarte Shape Tape Foundation – I know that there was some controversy over the selection of shades that originally released and wasn’t even sure that I was going to check this foundation out. When I came upon the collection this weekend I thought that the shade range was just overall odd, there wasn’t a single shade that remotely matched my skin tone. A bizarre collection to say the least, why didn’t they just replicate the concealer shades?

I think that’s it – there is a Wayne Goss brush set that I really shouldn’t purchase but it’s gorgeous and the only brush of his that I own is amazing. I am not listing it so then I don’t feel bad about it later 😛

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  • krismelisblog

    I could not agree more with you on your political ideas and I am an American. I am however pro Trump. I also agree with your anti haul with almost all of it but I do have curiosity about the shape tape Foundation. I am considering trying the moisturizing one , I believe it is . Not the matte formula. I am curious if they just went off of their typical foundation colors perhaps ?

    • Stella

      Yea, I have been blown away by comments during the Olympics that are seemingly sympathetic to Un and his sister. Bizarre. Glad I’m not the only one! That’s a good point, honestly, I’ve never found a match with any of their foundations so it would make sense. You’ll have to report back if you give it a try 😘

      • krismelisblog

        I most definitely will ! I’m typically medium neutral but when I wasn’t feeling so well I was more of a light medium even if I was regularly wearing sunscreen. I think I might give it a whirl. I hadn’t been posting regularly or at all for a while because I had started having seizures but I’m going to be back with the posting on IG and hopefully on my blog to… But I will be sure to come back and comment and let you know how it works ! I try to stay away from politics with my friends that are Americans because they get very touchy. And I did fight for this country and I know how I feel about this country but some ppl flip out as soon as you voice your opinion . Lately I haven’t had the energy to deal with people who can have an adult conversation. I’m glad you were able to !

        • Stella

          Well good luck to you, hope things start to look up! Agreed, people can get touchy, it’s sad that civilized conversation has ceased to exist. It isn’t good news for our society! Thanks for reading 😘

  • ZoBeautie

    I completely agree with it comes to the new MAC x Jeremy Scott collection. It’ so awesome and visually appealing on the inside, but once you open it up you realize you’re paying an insane amount of money for…a waste of space?

  • stashy

    LOL, TooFaced, last year called, they want their unicorn stuff back! 😆

    I love the characters of Little Twin Stars but I wouldn’t wear any of the colours included in that palette. I’d just want it for nostalgia.
    I watched a review of that MAC Jeremy Scott palette – the shadows seem like good quality but the layout is so ridiculous! It’s definitely just a collectors’ piece. 🙄

    • Stella

      Hahaha! Right?! No idea what they were thinking, terribly tacky.

      They did a great job embodying the theme but agreed – wouldn’t wear them.

      It’s so expensive too! I can’t get into collecting makeup, I have some pieces that are ‘special’ to me but they make sense and I use them. This makes no sense to me.

  • Always Cleia

    I feel the same way about the Too Faced Festival collection. The packaging for that palette is awful, the mirror is a joke and I don’t know why it opens from the top of the rainbow instead of the bottom. It doesn’t seem very functional to me!
    I’m also ready to let the Unicorn trend go haha.

  • ☆★ MELODY ★☆

    I’m so tired of the unicorn trend. Same with the mermaid trend (and I love both unicorns and mermaids)! But it seems that cosmetics companies have overdone it with both trends.
    Also, so disappointed with the Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars Collection! I heard about it, and was super excited, but seeing the pictures, I felt that excitement dissipate quite quickly.

    • Stella

      Exactly – way overdone it!

      Same, I was really excited about it and then when I saw the collection I couldn’t believe how much it didn’t appeal to me. Oh well, maybe they’ll release something next year!

  • Selena Hannah

    I like that Too Faced blue lipstick though…. lol. I’m Anti-Trump and Anti-Kim. I don’t support dictators and Trump has taken too much of my rights away from me and continues to try to take more from low income hard working Americans. First it was my health care, then it was cutting my income tax credit, and now it looks like I won’t be able to choose my own food in a store instead Ill get a food box from the government instead. The food thing needs to passed first, but my dad lived in Romania during the dictatorship/Nazi reign and it sounds like food rations to him. It’s hard being a full time single mom and having to pay more and more money that you don’t have. Oh, and now the gas tax passed so gas should be going up as well. How do they expect anyone to get out of debt when they oppress the people trying to work their way up? It’s just depressing which is why I don’t talk about it much.

    • Stella

      Haha! It’s unique. He’s not a great President, I just found it odd that middle-class, liberal Americans who have probably only been to 3rd world countries on vacation were applauding North Korea leaders. Abd honestly, I blame the dems as much as anyone for Trump. The majority of voters were so reviled by their pathetic candidate that they chose someone who should have had no chance. It’s a sad state off affairs.

      • Selena Hannah

        I classify myself as a democrat and I voted for Hilary, even though she wasn’t the best choice but to me, Trump was worse. It would be fine if he was doing good, but all he has done is give tax breaks to the rich and businesses. Don’t know anything good that he has done as President, but if you ever find something, let me know. 🙂

        • Stella

          I’m not a Trump supporter, the government does few good things for anyone. Look at Native Americans who have been receiving boxes of food since the 60’s, kicked off their land, forced into poverty and there are so many more for instances of government meddling doing more harm than good. The two-party system is broken. He’ll fall on his own sword sooner or later. Then we’ll get a new President forced on us by people in power who don’t actually care about the voters and we’ll all bitch about that person. I’m not here to make a case for Trump, the election was a travesty in all parts. Americans need to accept it and do better.

          • Selena Hannah

            Sorta figured that you weren’t. 🙂 America needs to get their shit together and start helping the people who need it most. When a large percentage of your country is in poverty, you are doing something wrong.

          • Stella

            Totally agree! I hope that we start seeing new leaders, with good ideas that care. Maybe this mess inspired some young, ambitious leaders ☺ We’ll see!

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