Colourpop Brushes – Hit or Miss?

As much as I love makeup and buying new makeup, I don’t like purchasing brushes. I have a few brushes that I really like and use constantly and will try new ones on occasion but I tend to be disappointed. I have been loving the RealTechniques brushes but before I started using those ones, I ordered a few from ColourPop and I have some thoughts.


First off, these brushes are pretty affordable – I feel like I recall some hubbub over the price of the brush roll but if purchased separately, I don’t think they are unreasonable. The handles are white with two-toned bristles, they have a nice weight and overall, they are a classy looking design. I just don’t like ’em. The handles are wider than many of my other brushes which shouldn’t make a difference but it makes me feel clumsy and like I am doing my makeup with crayons. In addition to this, the bristles are too stiff – I like fluffy brushes that provide light, washes of pigment. These are very dense, pick up a ton of product and they don’t provide the seamless blend that some of my favourite brushes do. I have used these to apply more than a few different brands and finishes of eye-shadow and I just don’t love the application. I don’t think that I would even recommend these as being good for the price point because I have other brands at the same price point that apply shadow much more evenly.

I am curious to know if others have used these and what they think – let me know!

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