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First Impressions – Soft Glam

Here it is, the palette that made me realize that I just don’t like ABH eye-shadow. I own more than a few and it seems odd even to me that I am writing the brand off when it comes to eye-shadows but I just don’t like them! When Subculture was being torn to shreds on the internet, I didn’t get it – it was just as powdery, just as patchy and just as tricky to work with as my Modern Renaissance palettes (I’ve been through two) and I didn’t see an issue with it. Also, I think that Subculture remains my fave palette from ABH simply because of the wild shade array – I don’t love the monochromatic feel to this new palette. Anyway, I am a firm believer that any product can work with a little finessing and I just always assumed that everyone raved about their shadows so this must be fine. It isn’t fine and I just don’t think that ABH has a good formula, and I am saying it, this will be the last palette that I purchase from the brand.


I love the flocked packaging and the muted orange goes so well with their older palettes. You get 14 pans of shadow, a good mirror and a dual-ended brush. I actually do use the brush, I have watched so many YouTubers chuck the brush but I use it for eyeliner and it works well for smudging out a smokey eye. The Soft Glam palette is a very warm-toned palette with primarily orange-peachy-brown tones. The first two shades, Tempera and Glistening do nothing for me as they are so pale but if you set your primer or have a different skin tone than myself, these might come in handy. Lots of similar shades, as you can see but my other issue with this palette, as with others is that it doesn’t matter what shades you use, all of my combos look the same. The shadows, while highly pigmented in arm swatches just muddy up into a single shade on the eyes. Aside from Dusty Rose (my personal fave) you are getting a ton of orange – Noir is a really nice matte black so you can deepen whatever orange look you have achieved but it’s really just a bunch of oranges. The blend is meh, I don’t like my shadows to be so pigmented that a dab covers my entire eyelid and that’s how these shadows perform so you end up having quite a lot of blending to do.



I am disappointed and mostly underwhelmed but I should have figured out that I don’t like this formula like 5 palettes ago so joke’s on me. My final thoughts; good for arm swatches and not much else.

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  • stashy

    This whole palette is a big yawn…
    I’ve only tried ABH single pan eye shadows and my main issue with them is that they don’t adhere well to my lids even with eye primer and a base. They just blend away to nothing and then fade on my lids through the day. Pretty disappointing.
    I really liked the colours included in the Subculture palette but I just don’t think I can make the ABH shadow formula work for me.

    • Stella

      It is boring! When I opened it, I was so disappointed. Yup – same. I don’t know how people use these, I find them hard to work with. Subculture definitely has the best array of shades, I do use it pretty often but usually with other shadows so that it performs a little better. Oh well, I think that I have finally given up on this brand’s shadows!

  • gracefulglamouruk

    There’s so many brands that are doing the orange based shadow palettes right now. I honestly can’t see me spending the amount they cost for their palettes on any of them! So many people rave about ABH but glad to have an honest opinion xx

    • Stella

      Yes! I don’t really understand why, I know that warm tones are really popular but every brand does not need their own warm palette. My most-used, best-loved warm tone palette is the HG from Violet Voss and I should have stopped there. Their shadows are very popular, just not for me 🙂

  • ayrgalaxy

    Awh that’s too bad that you don’t like them but this is a good example of “everything that is hyped doesn’t always measure up to expectations”. I’ve never bought any palettes though I did buy a few of their eyeshadows. Still have yet to form an opinion on them, I need to use them a bit more. But in terms of this palette as a whole, it looks a little boring and I keep seeing warm palettes coming out. I’d be more inclined to buying the modern renaissance palette because the shades are different, I have a lot of these in this palette

    • Stella

      Exactly, I really don’t see how these are so well-loved. I have much better shadows from much less hyped brands. It is a boring palette, I would recommend Modern Renaissance over this one for sure but still tricky to work with, in my opinion!

  • llindaxxo

    Aww, I love the Modern Renaissance and the Mario palette. The Prism and Subculture palettes just didn’t entice me enough to try them. I’m a sucker for warm-toned palettes, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get the Soft Glam palette. It sucks that you just don’t like the ABH formula. Supposedly, the MR formula is their best and the Subculture formula was sub-par. I’ve heard that the SG palette has the same MR formula. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll like this palette.

    • Stella

      I passed on the Mario palette but I have heard that it is really good. It is interesting that the quality of their shadows is different based on what palette it is – I cannot think of another brand that has this issue. Yea! If you are into warm tones, this one is for you 🙂

  • hoiyinli

    I can’t comment much since I’ve never used anything ABH let alone their eyeshadow palettes! But gosh, ANOTHER palette? The colour selection is nothing new – ‘been there, done’…that is the feeling that I’m getting from it. From looking at the arm swatches alone, some shades look similar to each other that I think it should just be one or the other if you know what I mean!

    • Stella

      Right?! So many palettes and they get less and less unique it seems. There are several similar shades, I don’t like the redundancy of shades that I don’t think I’ll use anyway. Oh well, learned my lesson 😔

  • lifewithmrst

    I am a little over the whole orange toned palette thing, it has been done to death. I do love my modern renaissance and think it’s the best formula. It’s amazing how different products work on different people.

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