Gone Meatless

I just want to preface this post that I know that going vegan/vegetarian is not for everybody and this isn’t a holier than thou post. I also understand that the prerogative of being able to choose what one will and won’t eat is a first world luxury. It’s also been tremendously easy for me because I am terrible at cooking meat, I had already cut out dairy about a year ago and I really do enjoy meatless dishes. After I went dairy free, it was a lot easier to consider not eating meat and here are some other reasons that helped in convincing me!

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Raising livestock requires considerably more fossil fuels and water resources than growing plants to support meat-free diets. Vast forests have been cleared to make room for livestock and the land after being used for Factory Farming requires extensive rehabilitation before it can be utilized for another purpose. Human beings already knowingly and willingly destroy the planet in a number of other ways, a reduction in the number of livestock on the planet seems like a small sacrifice. And no, not by killing them for food – by simply not raising them.

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Without getting into all of the details – dairy and I simply did not get along. I have ulcerative colitis and have been almost symptom free since cutting dairy, will this work for everyone? Probably not but it’s certainly improved the health of my gut. Plus, hello flawless skin – I suspected for awhile that dairy wreaked havoc on my skin and have experienced a vast improvement to my complexion. Finally, having grown up on full-fat dairies and loathing anything skim – it’s definitely helped my waistline by not being eating all of that fat!

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It has always been interesting to me what animals we deem inedible – cats, dogs…humans…Not making a case for cannibalism but there are plenty of people who won’t contribute more to this existence than a dairy cow so why can’t they be eaten!? I’m not eating people over here but who are we to decide where the line gets drawn? Human beings have the intelligence to do better and if we have the means and opportunity, we should. I find it hard to believe that beings deemed as less intelligent cannot feel compassion and shouldn’t we be held to a higher standard since we can?

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Dairy and meats are expensive – I would estimate that I spend about $100 less every grocery shop simply by not purchasing these items. Many of the grains and legumes that I purchase come in bulk so there are even more savings to be had!

There are probably a whole host of other reasons but these are perhaps the most simple ones. Like I said, a plant-based diet certainly won’t work for everyone but I have certainly been enjoying it and it was easier than I thought!

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  • nataliesalchemy

    I’m hoping to go meatless soon, but I just recently cut out beef, and I can proudly say I went through January without eating it! I love this list! To add on to your environment reason – raising livestock – cows that is – has the largest carbon footprint! So way to go!


  • Cheila Belinda Cruz

    Yay girl, good for you! I’m not officially a vegetarian but I don’t eat that much meat, simply because I don’t like it it or need it that much. Some people have to have meat to feel full. Not me. You’ve made a great and tough decision. ❤️

  • ayrgalaxy

    That’s great! I’m not really vegetarian but I do make lots of dishes without any meat, in fact, I’ve reduced the amount of meat I eat for about a year now, and I definitely feel better. I’m not too sure if I can make the full jump into the vegan world but at least me eating less meat is helping a bit? LOL or so I hope?
    I also cut out cow’s milk and have felt better, but still having a hard time cutting out cheese lol

    • Stella

      I would think it has helped, we ingest antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals by eating meats – can’t be the best for us. Even if you go organic/free range/etc – most meat flavour is just urine and blood. Yea, cheese replacements just aren’t as good 😔

  • hoiyinli

    Cutting dairy helped my skin a lot too! Not that I had that much dairy anyway – only cow’s milk in my tea. Now I use soy milk (or sometimes almond) and it’s absolutely great because the expiration dates are so much longer and my gut just feels better from drinking soy? I don’t have cheese in my daily life so I found it easy to cut dairy.

    Whilst I haven’t gone vegetarian/vegan, I started eating more mindfully in the last two years. I’d go to vegan restaurants and try something new and it’d really open my mind up on how yummy food can really be without meat or dairy. Or sometimes I just choose the vegetarian option at a standard restaurant because why not? I still eat meat but I guess point being, there’s less emphasis on it now in my diet.

    • Stella

      Yea, when I was purchasing cow’s milk I would rarely use the entire carton before it expired and it just ended up being wasted. That is definitely a benefit of plant-based milk!
      It’s all about trying new stuff! I think that a hang up for a lot of people is that they just imagine eating salad all of the time, which wouldn’t bother me but there’s so much more. Good for you for exploring new foods! I love that more restaurants are offering different options too, makes it easier to try stuff 🙂

  • Sandra Lewrey

    Best of luck to you, my friend! I’ve eaten vegetarian a few times in my life, but it regrettably has not stuck. I think the longest I went was two years. My husband, however, has been a vegetarian since he was a kid, and so I don’t make a ton of meat-based dishes to begin with. So I actually eat very little meat and fish, and I prefer it that way. Cheese is a weakness – ain’t ever gonna be able to quit that delicious devil, so probably no vegan for me. Actually, no, I love butter, so scratch that entirely! But it sounds terrific that it’s making you feel great – way to go!

    • Stella

      Thank you <3 Haha! I feel ya' on the cheese and butter, honestly – the replacements just aren't as good either. If I cheat, it is always because of cheese! That's awesome that he was raised vegetarian, you don't hear that often. Good luck to you, it definitely isn't for everyone but every little bit counts 🙂

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