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Apparently this tag is for moms, which I’m not nor do I ever plan to be so forgive me. Also, I don’t think that one should feel guilty about things that bring them happiness – actually, scratch that, there are some things. Anyway, I thought that this would be a fun one to do for a little added variety!

Jackdaws DEMO Regular

Neil Diamond! Such class, such style, such cheeseball showmanship. I discovered Neil in high school, I was already an odd kid so this didn’t help but his music always cheers me up and reminds me of my youth. I actually went to see him by myself and I treat it like my dirtiest secret 😀 I just realized how lame I am.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularSweeeeeet Caroline – I mean, duh. I legit have to listen to it now. Second only to Cracklin’ Rosie play it now…play it now! Side note, what is a store bought woman?

Jackdaws DEMO RegularSam Heughan, does this need an explanation? Put him in anything and I’ll probably watch it.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularMonk with Tony Shalhoub, the plots are trash but it’s still a fun show. The BF critiques it every time I watch it which thoroughly pisses me off.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularAntonio Banderas, who is actually a good actor but also signed on for some really cheesy roles. The Mask of Zorro, anyone?

Jackdaws DEMO RegularThe Goonies! I feel like I am too old to watch it now but I cannot help myself.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularMacaroni and cheese, even though I end up paying for it in the end.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularCheese! If I cheat on my dairy free diet, it is always for the freaking cheese.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularDiet Coke – I haven’t had one in ages and I miss it.

Jackdaws DEMO RegularCosmo – how that is even still a publication, I have no idea. If I purchase one, I immediately read it cover to cover and then throw it away immediately. No one can know.

What are your guilty pleasures? I’d love to hear them – thanks for stopping by <3


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